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I think my new bass is gonna be a Spector

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by jamestown94west, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. I played one at Guitar Center yesterday, and it was amazing. It was light, balanced, and played great. It felt so good in my hands I wanted to just walk around and hold it for awhile. It was a light natural finish with black hardware and a beautiful fretless fingerboard. It was $700 used. They had it tagged as a Spector Euro but I've never seen one like this. It has EMG humbuckers and its a 4 string.

    I don't know if I can swing the $ to buy this one, but if I miss my chance on it, I'm gonna hunt down another Spector, because I've been bit by the bug.
  2. catcauphonic

    catcauphonic High Freak of the Low Frequencies Supporting Member

    Mar 30, 2012
    Seattle WA
    After fooling around on an entry level Yamaha for a year, I decided to get myself a serious high end bass that would make playing more of an enjoyable experience. I toyed around with a few Spectors at BassNorthwest for a little bit, & KNEW that this was the family of instruments I wanted to be a part of. It was a good chunk of change for my budget, but I've not regretted it one bit. It makes my Yamaha feel like a toy. But now I'm a little spoiled ... Whenever I stop by GC to tinker with whatever they have there, nearly everything I touch feels inferior or somehow awkward to play. Go for it! :bassist:
  3. That's pretty much how I felt about it, and I've already got a custom jazz, and a Warwick Thumb hanging on my wall!
  4. superdick2112

    superdick2112 Mile High Bassist Supporting Member

    Nov 20, 2010
    The Centennial State
    Go for it! I own 12 basses - 4 of them Spectors. :bassist:
    My 8 non-Spectors, while very good basses, just don't get much use these days, and are slowly being thinned out.
    The Euro models (like the USA models) are available in both neck-thru and bolt on, with a variety of pickup options.
    A visit to the Spector website should help you to identify the model of bass at GC, and my fellow Spector Club members will be glad to help you with any Spector-related questions you may have.
  5. Sweet! Thank you!
  6. uOpt


    Jul 21, 2008
    Boston, MA, USA
    In the Spector brand, how do I decode which bass has been made in what country?

    (yes I am aware that a CNC machine doesn't care where it stands but I care :))
  7. cableguy


    Jun 4, 2009
    North Bend, WA
    If you're looking for a great underrated Spector to get your feet wet, look for a NS2A. They usually pop up at around $500 +/- and are great basses. I wish I could afford a Euro or USA Spector, but that ain't gonna happen for me anytime soon. I have a NS2A and a Legend 5. The NS2A stomps all over the Legend 5 which ain't a bad bass either. Sometimes you can find a gem used at GC since they normally don't know what they have. I paid $300 for my Legend 5 which had an upgraded preamp (MM114) and upgraded pick ups. (active EMG's)

    Good luck
  8. Legends/Performers are made in Asia
    Euro/ReBop are in Czech Republic
    USAs are made in *derp* USA. :p

    But, don't let this put you off ANY of the models. My ReBop5DLX is the best playing bass I've ever picked up, and my Asian made NS-2000/5 (discontinued model) rivals it.
  9. Moe Monsarrat

    Moe Monsarrat Supporting Member

    Jul 30, 2006
    Austin, Tx.
    Endorsing artist:Regenerate Guitar Works Carvin, Micheal Kelly Guitars
    I've owned 2 Spectors. I had a Legend 5 and a Euro 5. The Euro was really nice and the Legend was pretty nice too. They both sounded incredible on recordings. The only reason I sold them was because the body shape offers no place to rest my forearm (a la Fender bodies). I just wasn't comfortable without that. Nevertheless, I am considering getting one for studio use. Listening to live recordings of the Spectors, it's shocking how great they sound. Like a freaking wall.

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