i think this is an electronics problem

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  1. i own one of those new Fender Jazz 24's and i seem to be having a bit of a problem with it. i can never seem to EQ it right. if i have the bottom end solid enough to work with then the highs are WAY too tinny and when i get the highs i want the pretty much anything on the bottom 3 strings sound like a huge sonic burp. i'm not sure whats going on...i've tried everything i know how to do(which isn't much i'll admit) and still nothing.

    another(more minor) thing is that whenever i hit my open E string it cancels all the frequencies and just rings out at the same pitch as the 12th fret harmonic. it only does this at my church setup though so i dont think it's the bass.

    what can i do to solve this? new EQ? new PU's? i was thinking of doing both anyways but what will solve this?
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    Oct 14, 2002
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    When you say new Fender Jazz 24 do you mean the new mid-priced foreign made models? If not, which model?

    How do you eq your bass? How are you eq'ing your amp at the same time? What's your approach to eq'ing? Boosting the same or overlapping frequencies on both bass and amp can cause muddiness.
    I played one of the Reggie Hamilton Jazz Bass imports, and I found that the bass boost on it was pretty ineffectual unless boosted a lot.

    Are your pickups maybe too close to the strings? If you hit an open string and hear an almost chorus like effect, that can indicate that the magnets on the pickups are having an effect on string vibration.

    And/or do you have the pickup heights balanced properly - generally your pickups should be closer to the G string than the lower stringss