I took an investment jump (actually test)

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  1. I hope this doesn't violate any mods rules since I am not selling anything or promoting anything to sell, this is just a test journey for me.

    I have reading up on pay outs on parked domains and decided to research how it works etc. I had some money sitting in a Paypal account and said what the heck right? People have been doing this for years. This is more of a gamble than an investment.

    Disclaimer: As a technical person I abhor parked domains.

    So I bought 5 domains on the cheap that had recently expired and used search engines to verify they were still viable.

    I bought:


    Disclaimer: These are parked domains and I am not asking you to click on them.

    I figured people would search medical things more than any other types for now except for the freetasteoffer one which had a decent presence.

    So I set up a NameDrive account and just pointed to their nameservers and just wait. That's it.

    So far I haven't made much in the 16 hours I have had this up but projected revenue this month is about 80-100 dollars.

    I am just curious if any other TB'ers do this or have more insight on the process.


    Edit: This is NOT for negative comments. I understand the pros and cons. Please keep it positive or just click out of the thread.
  2. Just to clarify, you make money off the ad's generated on the websites that these parked domains point to?
  3. Right. Usually Google Adsense. It only took me about an hour to setup up all five from purchase of the name to hosting it on NameDrive. They provide the parked pages and ads then I get paid on the click though. Which all of the sites (so far) are legit businesses trying to generate traffic to their sites. That's why I posted above I am NOT asking anyone to click on the sites. It would seem sketchy and could result in a red flag if a ton of traffic comes from a particular IP. I posted them as an example of what I bought.
  4. Cool, just wanted to clarify.

    Sounds good, were those domains expensive to buy? I've never bought expired domains, only fresh ones for projects or personal interests.
  5. I went to name.com and searched recently expired domains. I then searched the web for ones I thought were good and verified they were still relevant through searches etc. I registered them for less than 10 dollars each.
  6. Nice, thought they may have been more expensive if "pre-owned", so to speak.

    Doesn't seem like much of a gamble if you are projecting to double your money in the first month :)
  7. Well, it's a gamble because unless you buy a tool to check for sure, you don't know if they will make money. If I get my 40-50 dollars back I will be happy as a learning experience. Expired domains CAN cost more if it's a premium domain known to have a ton of traffic. However if it's truly expired and released (which tens of thousands do every day) it's just a standard registrar fee. You can find a ton that people just forgot to renew or lost interest that were generating decent traffic.
  8. Huh. That's interesting that you're getting cash flow from that. I thought the only reason people purchased domain names like that was to sell them later. In the early days of the web people registered things like coke.com, bayeraspirin.com, etc and then sold them to the companies that wanted them.
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    I know a guy who does this for a living. A few of his more popular websites he set up to host even more links so he makes money on the click throughs. Just a few months ago, he quit his day job as a web dev.

  10. Interesting, I don't know anything about this kind of thing myself. How do you select domains to register?
  11. I mentioned this above. I went to name.com and looked for recently expired then searched the search engines for relevance. If it was still showing up as a good search I bought.

    There is a better way to do this and make more money, but you have to buy a special software that can spit out all of the data metrics which I am not going to do.
  12. woo-hoo. 6 dollars lol. I might break even by the end of the year :p
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    lol. Nice.
  14. I broke even today lol.
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    get rich slow.
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    I'm actually really surprised google hasn't banned your adsense account... I thought they frowned on sites with no real content.... Maybe I misunderstood your process.

    You mind sharing your average traffic stats? Is it mostly SE traffic? I'm really interested in this... Those are some nice domains btw. Couldn't you also set up a real basic wordpress theme and a little bit of content and flip these for anywhere like 10-20x the monthly revenue any time you wanted?
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