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I tried a fretless today!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Kwesi, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. ...and it really wasn't all that hard, lol, and it was unlined no less! I almost felt like I was half decent bass player because I could hit my notes accurately :p. It was a Ken Smith, not sure what model though. I guess the fingerboard was oil rubbed because it definitely wasn't epoxy, it reminded me of an upright in feel and sound. I was actually thinking about getting a fretless but now I figure I probably won't any time soon. It wasn't because it was a bad experience, but just something that i felt wasn't "me", ya' know? Maybe a little while down the road i'll change my mind. I still have yet to try a fretless bass with an epoxied board, which i hear can make quite a difference. How did you guys feel when you first tried a fretless?
  2. pierreganseman


    Aug 23, 2008
    felt happy of not having any fret buzz.. just lines... went after to graphite unlined fingerboard... that was tougher, but freaking awesome.
    Finding a voice/sound on fretless takes a long time, so don't give up.. frettless is awesome!!
  3. Darkstrike

    Darkstrike Return Of The King!

    Sep 14, 2007
    How did I feel, I bought it in the spot, something just clicked.
  4. Mystic Michael

    Mystic Michael Hip No Ties

    Apr 1, 2004
    New York, NY
    I knew that I would get a fretless, long before I ever actually played one. When I did play one, it only confirmed what I already knew: that fretless is definitely for me... :cool:

    I still play fretted bass plenty - and I'm sure I always will. I love both of them, as each has its own unique voice. But there are definitely things you can do with a fretless bass that you can't achieve with any other instrument...

    And oh yes, my fretless does indeed have an epoxied fingerboard. I personally wouldn't care to own a fretless that didn't have one... :meh:

  5. hasbeen

    hasbeen Commercial User

    Sep 23, 2004
    Vice President, KMC Music. Warwick U.S. distribution, Ampeg distribution
    if it sounded a felt like an upright, it seems that the strings might have been dead and/or the action was too high.

    A Ken Smith fretless should get you a nice, singing tone and feel like velvet.
  6. j.a.e.r.i.p


    Apr 8, 2007
    I LOVE my fretless('s), there are somethings that can really only be done on a fretless, harmonic slides for instance. And the sound of a fretless is really just beautiful.
  7. DanGouge


    May 25, 2000
    Man, I was brutal at first. I'm better now and actually my fretless is my favourite bass just to mess around on in my living room, even though most of my gigs are fretted.
  8. YCBass

    YCBass Supporting Member

    Aug 29, 2007
    I don't actually remember the first time... Probably when I switched to bass and ordered a Carvin (in 2000), I played a few at the store before I settled on the specs for my fretted bass. Almost ordered a fretless - glad I didn't at the time.

    But I remember when I decided that I wanted a fretless. It was this past Labor Day weekend. I went to a music store to try some Aguilar cabs, after I was done using my bass I saw a Fender Tony Franklin in the corner so I grabbed it. I always just messed around with fretless, just trying to make it mwah and sing all the time, being all melodic - never really serious about it. But that day I just started playing it like a fretted, just the way I do and it all made sense. I realized that I can use it for my music. It still sounds like a fretless because the tonal qualities are gonna be there no matter what, but it worked out.

    I just bought a Yamaha fretless 5 on eBay this week, I should see it in a week or so. We'll find out how it all works out.

    That's my story.
  9. msquared


    Sep 19, 2004
    Kansas City
    I hated fretless the first few times I tried it.

    I started really loving it after hanging out with people who really knew how to play it as a primary instrument, one of whom was my teacher. When I learned some of the methods of properly expressing yourself on it (EQ stuff, hand mechanics, etc) and was playing on a well set up bass, it was awesome. At this point if I could only have one or the other, fretless would win by a nose.
  10. StarscreamG1


    Dec 17, 2007
    I have always hated frets :scowl: but I dealt with it. When I got back into it this time around frets annoy me even more. I hate fret buzz. Id rarely ever have that prob the first time I played but so far this time around I will have times when its a problem for me (depending on what Im working on and what mood Im in). I realize I still need to do some polishing on my technique -- get the rest of the cobwebs off so to speak but Id love nothing more than to try a lined fretless. I would like to think I would take to a fretless fairly fast/easy considering how much I dislike frets.....

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