I use my Pinky

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  1. SassyHardwrench


    Mar 19, 2014
    This is a great Forum! I've been lurking for a few years and decided to join right after I got my Kala U-bass.

    I Joined the Musicians Union in Los Angeles in 1970. I've been a guitarist since 1968.
    I started playing Bass in the 1980's because I was in a trio and the piano player just comped chords with his left hand and I was comping chords with the guitar, so I thought "We need a bass player".

    Since I had studied Classical Guitar, I started playing the Bass Guitar with all 4 fingers of my left hand. I still do. I don't use a pick on the Bass. The last few years I've been playing Bass more than the guitar because without a Bass there is no band. Period.

    Here is something from a few years ago.

    Just remember to - pay the Base player. No I don't play a fish.