I want a Ric again...but I also want a Spector Euro... I think? ;)

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  1. Hey Guys,
    So fall is here. Which means I'm listening to a bunch of Prog. ( I have seasonal music tastes. :)) So of course I miss my Ric. Or Ric's I have had many. There's just nothing like them. But I would really like to give Spector another go. I had a beautiful black cherry Euro 4 ( You wouldn't believe what I paid for it brand new. Lots of coupons and price matching! ;)) But I stupidly let it go. :( I don't know. I just didn't feel like I bonded with it? Maybe it was the reach in the first position?

    Ahhh GAS what a beautiful thing! ;)
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    Yes. Buy them.

    There is no other way the TB community is permitted to respond to GAS. We are enablers, or we are silent.
  3. ^ what he said.

    Yes. Buy them.
  4. Well unfortunately the $$$$! It has to be one or the other...in other words the dilemma!!! :)
    Not to mention I just looked at the prices on Spector Euros'! Wow! I'm totally kicking myself for selling my recent one.
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    Jun 19, 2014
    It never ends. I have 2 Rickenbacker 4001's (a 4001CS and a 4001v63) and I still have GAS for a satin black 4001C64S that's up for sale. Why would I possibly need another one? Still.......:nailbiting:
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    If you peruse the TB classifieds you'll see several Euro4's and NS4CRFM (the precursor to the Euro4, also made in the Czech Republic). Used Euros are generally pretty reasonably priced.

    A few examples still apparently up for sale (no affiliation):

    For Sale - SPECTOR EURO4 (early Euro4, all maple like the USA models!)

    For Sale - Spector Euro5 LXE (Euro5, but listed it here anyway)

    For Sale - Spector Euro 5, US Hazlab, solid maple, 35" scale (another Euro5 - w/ US Hazlabs preamp!)
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  7. Thank you but I'm on the lookout for a newer one. It looks like they fixed the minor/nit picky issues I found with my older one. ;)
    i.e. threaded screws for the electronics cavity and now a separate battery door! Decisions decisions!
    Thanks for the info!