I want built a cabinet.....I need help!!

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  1. Hi members. Would you like to help me with some info?....A friend gave me four speakers (10') and i want to buit the cabinet for my B100 II Yamaha Head, by my own.
    Where i can find the measures, impedance, sizes, etc...?. Do you know a few links about it?...

    Quesof, from Chile!!
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    Hi, and welcome to Talkbass. Even though I realize that you intend to use this amp to amplify a Double Bass, I'd suggest you post the same question again over in the Bass Guitar "AMPS" forum - they've got a lot more tech-heads over on that side than we do down here, and a lot more traffic...for these reasons, you're a lot more likely to get a timely answer up in BG. But don't stay away too long, there's a lot of good info on this side as well.
  3. ....I come there and back....Thanks
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    I did a bit of DIY cabinet building in the past and heres what I learned. With all the time and energy, plus money on parts (wood, covering, wheels, handles, corners, grill cloth, glue, screws.... etc...) I ended up saving very little if any money, and a speaker cabinet that was not as good in sound, structure, or even looks as something I could have bought already made. I'm not saying that it can't be done with better results than I got, but it may be a good idea to think about it and shop around a little before you commit. You can find good deals if you look.

    It took me about four home made speaker projects to learn this lesson. I did manage to make a set of monitors that make damn good stereo speakers though.