I want to add a Midrange Switch to my Bart preamp!

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  1. Hey all....

    Just bought a Modulus Genesis that has the Bartolini NS2TMB18 preamp with Vol/Active Blend/Mid/stacked Bass-Treble setup. Looking at the wiring diagram, it shows a 3 position switch that would allow me to choose the Midrange frequency that the Mid knob controls. The wiring looks pretty simple, but where can I find a switch setup for this?

    Check this link to see what I need...


    Anyone know of a place that I could buy this setup at? Looks like I just have to solder it into the brown wire and I'm good to go....

    ...proud new Modulus Genesis Owner....

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  2. luknfur


    Jan 14, 2004

    the capacitors you could probably get at radio shack. Around here, radio shack has never stocked DPDT on on on switches, just on off on. On on on you can get from stewmac.com, guitarelectronics.com, and many others by doing a search.

    The Bart diagram is calling that a DPTT switch but it's more often referred to as a DPDT for whatever reason.