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I want to get EMG out, but what instead of them?????80´s Schecter Custom Shop PJ

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Kubs, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. Kubs


    Jul 26, 2006
    You all know SMASH´ s legendary reviews describe also EMG tone, and thats my problem-characteristics EMG TONE.

    I have early 80´s Dave Schecters Custom Shop P-J bass(alder body, birdseye neck/fingerboard) and I´ve bought it used with EMG´s pups and EMG electronics.
    YOu know bass sounds killer, but to much hi-fi, and Iam not "solo bassist" to sound hi-fi-i need more growl, not too much crispy hi-ends.

    So I´ve decided to swap for passive pups-more "vintage" or "oldskool" vibe....but its simply spoken, worse done....

    I really dont know which i have to choose.

    I know that best way would be to buy most expensive passive and be satisfied but i dont have unlimited budget, and thats why i want some advices....

    I read here many opinions of satisfied players with Dimarzio, they are not so much expensive and thats why I am quite nervous - should I put them to my custom shop Schecter????Dont they are too cheap???(also as my brother guitarist says dimarzio means for him mainly metal pups....)

    Or should i spent my money on some boutique pups - Nordys, LF´s, SD Antiquity etc.
    Will be such expensive boutiques really much better than here apprecieted Dimarzios?????

    I hope you understand what is my concern and what i want, and what annoys me.

  2. I love the way dimarzio sound :) I think they are what u need. Aggresive, very quiet, punchy, but not dirty :)
    I have a custom build bass, a fodera monarch copy and they have EMG in it, im thinking of changing them to Dimarzio my self.
  3. FWIW I swapped my EMG's for a set of Sadowsky HC pickups. It definitely sounds more old school and more "Fender" to my ears. Bigger and more solid bottom. Not as much compression.
    Like you, I wanted something different from the EMG sound.
    I looked around and found the Sad HC's used. I bought them without hearing them based on the comments here on TalkBass and I'm very pleased with my sound now. Maybe you'll have similar luck.
    Good luck! :D
  4. kyral210


    Sep 14, 2007
    here is my advice as a guitar tech.

    1/ Try putting a 2nd 9V battery in series with the original. Having 18V running through a set of EMG's really opens up the sound. Why a company would ship out basses with only room for 1 9V beats me. Try this simple and cheap mod and hear your bass come live!

    I personally love active pickups as they get over so many problems in the signal chain that can arise as a bass player. That is one of the reasons why I wouldn't want to swap them out at first chance.

    2/ If the 18v power supply fails to ignite you, then decide on exactly what tone you want. I always say that Seymour Duncan are the best because if you can think of a tone, they have a pickup for it.

    3/ Have fun!
  5. I forgot to mention in my post that my bass (that had EMG's) is active. I'm using a Demeter pre runnng at 18v.
    The Demeter is ok with my Sad HC's and it sounds good but this weekend I am replacing the Demeter with a new pre from John East. Whoo hoo! :hyper:
  6. Kubs


    Jul 26, 2006

    1) Thanks for advice, I thought about second battery but i dont have more space in control cavity, and as you can understand i dont want cut in body.

    2) SD - great company, I will take a look what they have(they have maybe most choices :) )
    Iam still tempted by Antiquity, but also their "usual" models are great and I will consider them-in fact I have them on my second axe Hamer-an althought they are active they sound different way than EMG-maybe its difference between active pups only (Hamer) and active pups and active electronic (Schecter)

    3) ;) i will have lot of fun ...at least i hope so :D

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