I want to record my bass over an MP3 track

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  1. Ironbar

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    Aug 24, 2013
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    What is the simplest and most cost effective way to do this that won't sound like crap? Thanks!
  2. Ironbar

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    Aug 24, 2013
    Tigard, Oregon
  3. ahc


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    This idea might work. Download Audcity. It"s free. You can record two tracks with it. Get an audio interface with two channels. Not free but not extravagant. You can probably read up on them here on TB. Names like Focusrite, Berhinger, M-Audio, Apogee and a host of others. Run the MP3 into one channel of the interface and the bass into the other. Record. Listen. Adjust the track volumes for a "mix". Enjoy.
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    Yeah, get an audio interface, import the mp3, and record another track, it's easy (there's a little tidbit about enabling hidden devices to get the sound card output to go to Audacity input)
  5. rulefuzz


    Jul 29, 2015
    hm... what kind of computer are you using?

    If it's a Mac, you can always start with Garage Band.
    getting an interface is definitely the first step imo (and bass and cable too xD)

    For your reference,
    I used My bass -> Interface (Roland UA22) -> Macbook Air (recorded using Logic Pro) in this video:
  6. All modern DAWs I'm aware of have mp3 import capabilites, most drag and drop. Import to stereo track, enable recording on a mono track, connect bass directly or mic an amp, hit record, count royalty money.
  7. charlie monroe

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    A 2 channel interface is not required.

    All other suggestions are spot on
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    Unless times have changed, Audacity will allow much more than two tracks. I forget the limit, but recall that it was more than I would ever need.

    Yes - you can import MP3's into a file as a separate track. I did it a bunch of times. Quick and easy way to accomplish what the OP is asking for. As others have posted, you will need some sort of interface to go between you instruments and your computer.
  9. NoiseNinja

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    Buy a cheap sound interface.

    I suggest you get one that can record in 24 Bit and 96Khz sound quality, as this is the professional studio standard, should you need to record something more serious later on.

    If you are certain you will not ever need this feature then just get a cheap sound interface with direct monitoring, so you can hear your input signal along with the pre-recorded track/tracks without latency.

    Somekind of preamp, mic preamps will be fine in most cases (post production VST EQ's, compressors, preamps, amp/cab emulators and other effects will be fine for getting the bass just right in the mix), might also be a good idea, as the pre amps build into sound interfaces are usually pretty weak and bland.

    As DAW I suggest Reaper, it got a 60 days trial period, but it never really expires, and you are still able to download future updates.

    I like it better than Cubase personally, and should you decide to buy Reaper later for the reason of backing up the nice way they put their program up without annoying limitations of demo versions or traditional trial period shutdowns it is dead cheap as well compared to other similar programs.

    Reaper also comes with some decent VST's build in the package, and you can always use standard VST's and VSTi's should you decide later.

    It is also possible to find tons of free VST's on the internet of quite good quality actually.

    Here's a link to Reaper: REAPER | Audio Production Without Limits

    And here's to one of the pages offering free VST's: Free VST Plugins - Virtual instruments and effects - VSTPLANET
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