I want to surf.

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  1. I live on cape cod and it seems like there are a fair share of surfers around but I am not one of them. I would like to start surfing but I have no idea what to look for when shopping for a board. I would like a long board just so i can cruise around (i'm not looking for speed) and i know that if i get a long board it might have to be a big-a** board since I am 6`4" and 280 lbs. Can any of you guys out there that might surf point me in the right direction towards getting started and give me a rough guess as to how much a board would run me?

    thanks for any help.
  2. no one here surfs?
  3. I do.

    Based on your size you'll need big board to float you well to make it easy to paddle and catch waves.

    Long, wide and thick. Kind like my . . .

    Well anyway 9.0 - 9.6 , long, `23" wide, 3.5" thick.

    Go to a good longboard shop (best if it's a manufacturer, not just a reseller)and talk to them.

    New will be ~$600-$600. Colors and graphics add $$
    Used will save you bucks.

    Find a longboarder to take you out and get you started. It'll shorten your learning curve considerably.

    Hang Ten!
  4. Thanks, I found a friend that could help me get sized for a board at a local shop. as for learning, I am a fairly proficient snowboarder. would some of the skills i need to snowboard carry over into surfing? the biggest problem i see is trying to get up on the board after i hook up with a wave.
  5. Nick...I surf. just got in from a nice two hour session at my local spot..I have been surfing for 25 years now..I shape and make boards..it sounds like you will need a long and thick board just like EAsonBass recommended. I would look for a used one first off. you can get used ones really cheap these day..but maybe not where you live though..If you can ride a skateboard or snow board you are half way there. standing up is the easy part..it's learning to duck-dive, knowing when to paddle,where to sit on your board, and timing are the hard parts..the more you do it the easier it gets..Like EAsonBass said find someone who is a longboader that can help and teach you the basics. good luck and have fun...
  6. Good stuff from Fetch Da Bass.

    Reading waves, where to wait in the line-up and depending on the break where you live - paddling out with a 9 footer can be a real challange.

    Couple o' quick tipe:

    Find a break that where the gang is friendly to longboarders/'ol men. You won't get as much grief.

    Once the board is moving, it's kind of like a bike in the you'll stay up on it if you can get up smoothly. You can practice this without a board. You want to be able to smoothly get to your feet from a prone position while keeping your weight equaly distributed on both hands. Try not to go to your knees first. A nice smooth, quick snap from your belly to your feet, facing normal or goofy (as you'd snowboard) then keep your center of gravity low. You'll get up and stay up.

    You'll like it. I went from surfing to snowboarding. Both give you that great carving fun.
  7. Fetch...what would it run me if i want a custom "Fetch" board in my size? I have been trying to talk to friends of my friends who ride but they only ride short boards. will there advice help me out at all or should i keep looking for a long baorder?
  8. EASonBass. For a nice custom nose rider in the 9-0 to 9-6 range is going to run about 450 and up. the price go's up depending on what kind of glass job, Fin set-up , airbrush colors, ect. For $450 you get a custon shaped board with sanded finish. box fin set up and no color. The biggest expence is in the glassing ..I don't do the glassing. I have it done by Sugar Mill glassing in Oceanside,.. they do a great job. My lable is Shipman Surfboards.. I use Clark Foam blanks . the most common blank for a longboard in that range is clark super blue foam w/ 1/4" bass stinger..
    Advice from a shortboader that doesn't ride a longboard would not be all that helpfull. I ride just about everthing, My favorite board and the one I ride the most is a 7-10 tri fin performance speed egg..I ride this board in 2 to 10 foot surf..it has a very low rocker, but works well on steep waves too..I like all my boards around 2 1/2" thick with a medium glass job..I am 5-9, 158 lbs. so I can get away with thinner boards..
    Where do you surf...where you surf the most is also going to determine what is the best board for you...[​IMG]
  9. Nice stick! Very nice price too.

    Steve at Infinity makes mine. My favorite is an 8.6 thruster. It's thick and wide and floats. Fairly easy to paddle. It really turns easy. I can't quite catch 'em as easily as the 9 plus riders but it's a nice compromise.
    I'm mostly out at Old Man's.
  10. Old Mans..San O. you must be a die hard longboarder. I surf Trestles maybe three times a year.. I usually stick to the surf in Carlsbad, Tara Mar was fun today.. have fun and keep your toe's on the nose :bassist: If I am ever up at San O, I'l give you a holler.
  11. Fetch, that seems like a good price for a board but i'm sure the shipping to the east coast is going to be killer. The only good places i could surf around the cape is probably off of nauset beach or i might go as far as to go to nantucket island (i can get free tickets since i work for the cruise company that runs the boats there). both of those spots don't get swells bigger than 9-10 feet and swells that big only happen when a storm is in town. the usual is somewhere between 3 and 5 feet.
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    I surf as well. I ride a short board though. I also do not live by the coast so I am limited to the summer and spring break.:(

  13. Yeah, I live on OC and I'm well . . . an old man (?) longboarder.

    I used to ride short (started in j. high). Still have a 6.8 Bahne (remeber him?).
    Now, I'm just a cruiser.

    Lemme know if you make it up this way.

    You'll know me. I'm the one gettin his butt kicked out in the line-up.
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    Jul 12, 2002
    England, London
    Be careful of other surfers, my step dad came back from surfing today saying that he'd surfed his board right ito the forehead of another surfer (the points maybe 2cm wide, dunno about movement speed though).

    The guy was took to hospital and got 5 stitches and as far as I know he's ok.

    It's not the first time thats happened, I rememebr sometime last year or the year before he himself came back with a massive bruse on his shoulder from being surfed-at.
  15. Yoshi..Yes surfing can be a very dangerous sport..Surfing near or around people that don't know what they are doing is especially dangerous..
    Kooks do not belong in the water..I have been close to getting seriously hurt by kooks that don't know how duck-dive or they take off right in front of me...please if you are a beginner get one of those soft sponge type boards and stay away from the main break..