I was looking forward to NAD, until NBD came along

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  1. So, a few weeks back the War Department gave me permission to buy my first all tube amp rig. I finally found a good local secondhand deal and, although I have not committed to buying it, I have arranged with the seller to inspect it next week.

    Then, over the Christmas holidays I found a great deal on a semi-vintage (i.e. early 1980's) bass that is singing a siren song. It's a beautiful near-mint condition piece of bass history and it seems too good to refuse, so I have arranged with the seller to inspect the bass next week as well.

    My heart tells me to go for the bass... but my wife thinks that I already have enough basses. I have the cash, I have permission to buy the amp, but I want the bass...

    Anyone else have these dilemmas, or am I just wallowing in first world problems?
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    buy what you want, buy the amp AND the bass, if she isn't happy, well.....turn up your amp and you won't hear her whining.

    And with that new gear I'm sure nubile young maidens will be throwing themselves at your feet hehe just saying.......
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  3. I think that as musicians we need to think about what we actually need as opposed to what we'd like. At one point I had seventeen basses, an amazing collection, including a rare Stingray Piezo, seven fantastic Status basses, a Jazz 50th, etc. Life changes in 2010 made me sell off quite a lot and I culled everything down to four basses I actually played professionally. Yes, since things have settled down in the last couple of years, I've swapped and changed a few, but I've concentrated on making sure that every bass has a purpose - If it's not earning me money, it has to go. Simple as that. Adaptability is the first order of the day. There's no point having a sentimental attachment to an instrument if it's not earning it's keep, or if it's a one-trick pony in my view.

    Obviously, this is how I look at things as a professional musician. Many of you will think differently. But, at the end of the day, which of those items do you really need? The tube amplifier, or the 80's bass? :)
  4. My band isn't good enough to get paid, but you offer sage advice nonetheless. Unfortunately, I fear that I am about to go against your words of wisdom...

    I guess there aren't many opportunities for those of us living in the far flung colonies to get good quality vintage instruments at reasonable prices, so I don't want to miss this chance to own a bit of musical history. I have a good solid state rig which is cheap enough to be expendable, and makes enough noise to keep the punters happy. A tube amp is really a bit of a luxury for me to enjoy at home, when I am not swamped by a guitarist, a keyboardist and a drummer.

    I will have to post a proper NBD thread when I buy my new girl...
  5. Oh no! I don't want that! I have just strained the ACL and MCL in my right knee, so I really don't want nubile young anythings throwing themselves at my feet.
  6. Smiles... Looks like we have our answer, then :) Looking forward to seeing the new bass.
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    What if you get the bass, and if it is your "perfect bass", sell off a couple of the others to fund the amp.

    This way you get both and keep the other half happy.

    (or just hide them in storage for a while ;) )
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  8. Go for it. Life is short.
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  9. Tough choice, but it seems like you will be happy with the bass.

    I was saving for a tube head and some vintage Gretsch drums got in the way...
  10. LOL... I spent a lot of time last night thinking about where I could hide another bass, and how long it would take before The Central Intelligence Agency (aka The War Department) found it. If I can only hide it until my birthday in September...

    Has anyone successfully hidden a bass from their spouse for an extended period?
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    Mar 9, 2011
    I can help you hide basses, just PM me for the address! :)
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  12. Haha, you can have my Frankenfender! She's a grumpy old girl, and will break your back in less than a week.
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    Mar 9, 2011
    :D I am used to grumpy old girls, I live with one!
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    If you have multiple basses, adding another to the stable isn't an issue... just give it "oh, that bass...that's been there for years" line.... and maybe she won't notice (It worked on a deer rifle once)... ;)
  15. Hmmm... I don't like being dishonest to my lovely wife, so I have to come up with a story that will not leave me with a bad conscience. I could probably hide this new bass for months before I finally confess. But I will have to confess at some point!
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    Nope. Not worth the aggravation of getting caught. My wife is much smarter than I am.
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  17. Yeah, my wife has a PhD and is freaky smart. Which makes it very hard to explain why she married a bass player!

    I might just buy the bass, confess and accept the consequences with good grace. I might get away with a week sleeping on the couch, instead of a month.

    Argh... stoopid conscience!
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    The only problem I see is that you haven't posted a pic, or at least let us know what bass you're yearning for.
  19. Haha, I was waiting for someone to ask... it's a 1981 Gibson Victory Standard. Yeah, I know this model provokes very mixed opinions, but I absolutely love the look. It just brings back the 1980's hair metal rocker in me! I will post pics when I get it...
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    Sep 12, 2011
    The Garden State
    Hey, other than the Thunderbird, I think it's cooler than anything they make today!
    Single or double pickups?