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I was suprised by a Rogue 5-string!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by CoffeeBass, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. Hey TB,

    I know that Rogue has a reputation like dog doo here, but I recently got a Rogue lx405 used for $160 after shipping and I am impressed! I have gone and looked for a cheaper 5 string to get my fingers wet in the 5-string world and found nothing that I liked at all from $300-500. I bought this one because I figured I would just do an overhaul with new elctronics etc. I also liked the look of it (it has soapbar pups and a natural flamed maple veneer on top). I really like this Bass! I put new strings on it and it plays, sounds and looks good! I thought that maybe my tastes for 5-stings had changed so I went to GC today and played everything from $1200 G&L's and $1500 warwick's and american made fender 5'ers and I like this one better than any of those! It has great tension on the B (through body) the string spacing feels very natural and smooth and the sound is agressive and clean with stainless steel rounds on it. All said and done I could not be happier.

    My advice to anyone considering this bass would be to at least try to get your hands on one and try it out before passing on it out of hand. However, this is an older model (soapbars instead of H/S pickups) and I cannot vouch for the sound etc of those. I may have gotten really lucky with the QC issue, but maybe these are not as bad after all.

    Let the flaming begin!! :bag:

  2. allexcosta


    Apr 7, 2004
    It's VERY hard to believe, mas I'll at least try one when I see it.
  3. That bass, I must say, looks more ERGONOMICAL than a lot of the expensive stuff.

    It is a player's bass, a workhorse meant to be appreciated for its utility value and not its pedigree.

    Almost everything sounds good with fresh stainless rounds.

    Wood and wire...

    If I didn't make my own basses, I'd snap that up in a minute and move the neck pickup closer to the neck for a killer slap tone.

    The long upper horn is a smart choice.
  4. Dlectronic


    May 17, 2008
    Ugh I had an Lx something 5 and it was filth...its tone was pathetic, beyond bad.

    HOWEVER, I also have an Lx 4 string fretless and let me say, that thing is amazing...costs only $120 brand new. tone on that thing is mighty fine.
  5. Like I said, I may have gotten really lucky with quality control issues and just gotten one of the rare good ones. I may have to look into the 4 string fretless...


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