i was young and JACKED UP my Fender Musicmaster...now i need help restoring it

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by fruity2x, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. fruity2x


    Jul 9, 2008
    I got it when i was 15 for my birthday...my first bass. i really wanted a guitar but my brother (who new better) decided i was a bassist not a guitarist!!! so he bought me a Fender 3/4 scale Musicmaster circa 73/74 (dated it one time...forgot now). well long story short...being dumb and young...and DUMB...i spray painted it black...cut the pick guard up and unless i get SUPER lucky lost the pup and electronics. at one point in my early 20s i decided i wanted to restore it so i started to sand the spray (and the rest of) the paint off of it. i was SUPER careful not to sand into the wood...hell at on point i might as well have been rubbing it with notebook paper to finish it. then i lost interest/had no money...so heres were im at at 34 years old....i want it back in playing condition!!! i know ive kinda destroyed the value of it but id like to do this RIGHT but still have something that sounds "up to date" and good. i know there are (from reading the forums) a lot of people out there that will have ideas on this and where to start. i will post the pix tomorrow night (its at my parents house sitting on its stand...and lonely...heheh). thanx in advance for your help and thoughts.
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    hit the forums its the best place in the world for information about refinishing. I am a member there as well so if you need help feel free to ask.. :)
  3. My '78 Precision sat unopened in an Calzone flight case for a couple of years and when I opened it the foam and the laquer had become one. Trust me, there was no repairing this finish. What I did with mine was take it completely apart, put the body in a big aluminum foil pan (like you cook a turkey in) and poured in a gallon of laquer thinner. I used a paintbrush to rub it with and was very patient. I intentionally left a little of the original wine red in the pickup cavity but other than that I stripped it all the way to bare wood. Using the laquer thinner made it where I didn't have to sand down the body at all. Since I was pretty cash strapped at the time I put on 6 coats of clear tung oil. It turned out great and I like it a lot.

    If you do it this way just remember that if use the laquer thinner it will take off the decal if it touches it. If the neck doesn't need refinishing (mine didn't) so much the better.

    Just be patient and GOOD LUCK!
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