I went almost eight full days without owning an American Fender Jazz bass...

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  1. Eight days ago I got rid of my 2000 American Standard Jazz bass and my 2014 American Deluxe Dimension HH V in order to buy a 2009 USA Lakeland Joe Osborn with matching headstock and optional Chi-Sonic pickups. I don't regret the decision at all, the Lakland is a great bass.

    Honestly though, it did feel weird to not own a Fender Jazz bass. The Lakland with Chi-Sonics does have a different personality. Not bad, just a little different. (The stacked pot controls are likely a big part of that difference.) I figured that American Jazz basses are certainly not rare, I'd end up with another one. But, I really didn't expect it to happen this fast.

    I was on the local Craigslist yesterday, not an unusual occurrence. A 2006 American Jazz bass popped up for a price that I could not resist. So, I bought it today. The other weird coincidence is that both of these basses happen to be "gold". The Fender has round wounds on it, the Lakland has flatwounds, so they are not redundant.

    I'm going to play the snot out of both of them and give a full report. Fender and Lakland.JPG 2006 Fender American Jazz Bass.JPG
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    The sheer thought of such horror makes me ill to my stomach.

    ;) :D
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    Betcha that Lakland plays like grass fed, organic, non-GMO, 2-hour fresh and local butter.
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  4. I does play great, the neck in particular feels simply amazing. That being said, this Jazz bass has a great setup and feels really good. I've been switching between the two since I got home with the Fender this afternoon.
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