I will never buy another Squire Affinity P Bass again.

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by gary mitchell, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. I have it 11 month Black Squire P bass, its just plain junk and crap. I got this bought for me and why I don't know I guess its the thought that counts. I have had nothing but trouble with the neck. Frets would buzz then quit buzzing crazy, took it to 3 different luthiers. Had the frets level and everything. Spending more money on then its worth. And I can't believe Fender Painted the neck pocket. I wanted for a just throw in the car bass and go. If I bought a new neck for then I have more money in it. And if you bought used might be getting the same trouble. I am just going to take seymours out of it and can it. I am going to keep the body in case I find a case MIM neck if it would fit. But I will never by another.It looks like this. squier-affinity-precision-bass-black-mb1020647.jpg
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  2. Gorn


    Dec 15, 2011
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    You should try a Squier. They're very good.
  3. DiabolusInMusic

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    Have you given the bass a proper setup lately? If fret buzz is the only issue and a pro gave them a levelling, the bass should play great and only require a setup. If not, you need to find a new tech.
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  4. Gunga Din

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    Jun 22, 2018
    If you've had the frets levelled, why not just keep it?
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    There is a reason some basses cost more than these do.
  6. Sorry, Gary. Affinity series instruments are meant for beginners. If you want a better Squier, you should have gotten a Vintage Modified or Classic Vibe. They’re very giggable basses built with higher quality standard than the Affinity series. I’m sure there are many bassists who have had good luck with the Affinity series as well. But, you get what you pay for.
  7. It was given to me, I guess I shouldn't have said o bought it was given to me
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    Feb 18, 2017
    I can't imagine that 3 different guitar techs in Austin, a music town that has very qualified techs for that community of players, could not bring an Affinity PBass out of the woods. Granted, Affinitys are generally rank beginner basses (though some guys do fine with them), and you'd be better served by a VM or Classic Vibe Squier as a steady-gigging piece.

    Either this thing has a rubber-band neck, or the techs you've used are not up to par. My advice always is to find the guy or guys in your area who do most of the work for all the guys that make a living with their guitars and basses, and go to them. Doesn't hurt if they're certified as warranty stations by the various brands. But if an experienced guy has leveled the frets and it's still wonky, something is wrong one way or the other, and it's not been addressed. Short of the neck being a complete write-off (which I doubt), this is not rocket science for someone who knows what they're doing, and someone like that shouldn't be that hard to find in Austin, Texas.


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    99.9% of all basses can be made playable. Just my 'umble opinion. A lot of Affinities have wonderful necks, just saying.
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    Considering that it was given to you—you really don’t have anything to complain about at all.

    If you want a better quality instrument, go out and buy one.
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  11. Gorn


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    You'll never buy one again, though apparently you never did, but either way you've decided to never attain one again based on one bad experience, seemingly compounded by three possibly incompetent "luthiers." The bass isn't the problem here.
  12. FunkHead

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    I would go back to the person who leveled the frets and have them look at it.

    Also: slightly higher action will result in a more stable setup.
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  13. gln1955

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    That particular neck may be more sensitive than most to humidity changes. It happens; it's made of wood. You just need to learn how to do a proper setup and deal with the adjustments as they are needed. A few minutes tweaking the truss rod once in a while should get you a playable bass.
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  14. I had the frets level at Guitar Center, they had a luthier there that level the frets, then I took it to a very professional place Straight Music in Austin, they done a set up one it. It would play for a while then slip back and mess up again start buzzing. If it was my guess the trust rod was messing up. I AM SORRY ABOUT WHAT I SAID ABOUT SQUIRE BASSES I WAS JUST PISSED OFF THIS MORNING. I have a MIM Jazz bass loaded with EMGs JV52s, a Lakland 3tbs hollow body, and a Mex P bass. I guess after playing those bassist I was expecting something better. 61802402_300540760898174_5656814564143005696_o.jpg
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  15. mbell75


    May 23, 2016
    The $199 2019 Indonesian made Squier Affinity PJ I had played and sounded as good as any MIM Fender I’ve owned or played. The older Chinese ones are junk.
  16. My mileage varies because mine ('97 Chinese) plays great. I did do a fret leveling because they were chewed up and threw on SPB1s and flats. Plays and sound great.
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  17. DiabolusInMusic

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    That just sounds like the neck needs adjustment. Pretty much all basses require regular setups. Wood changes with the weather. What are the measurements of your other basses versus the Squier in question?

    You should consider a Status or other graphite neck if you want something extremely stable that rarely requires adjustment.
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  18. My wife this morning heard me bitching about the bass. She is a RN and at work she was looking on line, and found a neck with stainless still frets, she went ahead and order it. She didn't tell me either and I have know idea what are where are who made it, just that is vintage maple. 7 years ago I was looking at guitar amps I also play guitar. i was looking at a ZZounds I think it was ,anyway she ask me if you could have any those amps with would choose. I chose a $1600 Rivera Clubster Royale 50 watt. My wife saved her money for a year and at my next birthday, it was sitting in my music room. Anyway I am going to have a new neck she does stuff like that, I am truly blessed with a good wife. Now I am wondering what it will cost to have that neck put on. It needs the holes drilled and I have all the hardware. Its weird in my house you never know what my wife is going to do. She is also a musician we play on the worship team together. She plays the clarinet. And we play blues together, I AM NOT SO MAD NOW, just got to find out how much to get it put on.
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    Buy a GSR100EXMOL, you won't be sorry!


    Also, the Fender subsidiary is Squier:


    I think of my great uncle when I read "stainless still". I'll bet he would have killed for one of those for making his famous moonshine.
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    That's Squier.
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