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  1. Dennis Mocadlo

    Dennis Mocadlo

    Jun 19, 2019
    I using a Iamp 500 and 12 wizzy e cabinet My problem is I lost the deep bass tone and wondering if speakers can go bad or my amp could have a issue .Has any one had this condition.or idea what could be I replaced pickup changed strings .Cables Amp works and speaker makes sound but it all highs can t adjust Can wizzy speakers go bad ? Can any one in solveing this problem Thank Dennis
  2. Jeff Bonny

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    Nov 20, 2000
    Harrison Mills
    A speaker going bad will usually make ugly farting or grinding noises. If you’ve for sure for sure ruled out the pickup and cables it’s more likely to be the amp. A bad cap in the preamp section maybe? Next troubleshooting step is to try another amp with your cab, cables and pickup.
  3. You can find the source of the trouble by checking your rig piece by piece. Borrow somebody's instrument - or plug in a cell phone - and try it. If it plays okay, then the problem is within your bass. Continue the same way on: different cable, different amp, different box. You'll soon find out.
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  4. Dennis Mocadlo

    Dennis Mocadlo

    Jun 19, 2019
    Can the speaker cone be damaged and still work ? I can remember a loud pop once .I read something about hyper exstended damaged is this possible?
  5. I don't know enough, possibly somebody smarter will tell. I think that damaged cone would result in farting. Damaged coil will result in no sound. I can imagine only one speaker problem that could result in losing lows, and that would be when you open your box (ie. remove the whole back of the wooden box). So I guess the problem would be more likely with the amp. But you can guess anything you want, until you isolate the problem part by part.
  6. Chris Fitzgerald

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    Oct 19, 2000
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    ^^^ This is great advice. Best to isolate the problem with real data before trying to fix it. Decades ago, I thought my amp was dead because I accidentally plugged a patch cable between the amp and speaker instead of speaker cable (this was before speakon connectors). Check every link in the chain, including cables, until you isolate the problem.

    If you do and find out that the issue is in the amp itself, there are really wise technically accomplished people who may be able to advise up in the BG amps forum.
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    Sorry to barge into your serious thread. Your title kind of tickled me though. It looks like you're having problems with the tone of your "lamp".... as in the thing that lights up a room when you turn it on. As an electrician and electronics guy, all I could think is that if your lamp makes a sound at all, something is wrong. :D

    Sorry.... I'll see myself out now. :cigar:

    Hope you get it all figured out.

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