Ibanez 65 watt

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  1. I've been looking at an Ibanez bass amp for about $225 (model ) I was wondering if this is a good amp. Does anyone have any experience with it? Thanks
  2. I meant to say that the model is SW65
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    Apr 26, 2000
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    What's your application?

    Do you have another amp already?

    I have not tried the 65 watt model, but bought the 10 watt for my nephew to use for practice at home. It was used and I took it apart to do some TLC on it. I was not very impressed with what I saw inside :rolleyes:

    For $225, personally I would look at used Peavey amps, either a TNT or Combo (that's a model!) are easily found for that price. They are more amp for your money (powerful enough to play gigs with) and ruggedly built, too.
  4. Hmmmm....The only expearience I have had with Ibanez amps is the little 10watt practice amp that came with my bass starter kit.Not to step on any toes here but it really was a piece of garbage.:( It did ok for learning and starting off,which,I guess it was intended for but.....much much better choices out there.Never played any other of their amps though.Good luck.:)
  5. thanks for the info
  6. That is just my $.02 worth.If you can try out the amp for yourself bro. Hey....it could be what you are looking for sound/price wise.And please....don`t forget about checking out used gear.Some really killer deals out there!