SOLD Ibanez ANB205 Adam Nitti Signature (Factory 2nd Please Read Description)

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    I'm selling a factory second Ibanez ANB205. This is his more recent signature model that was released last year. Body is Ash, Board and neck are maple. Preamp is a bartolini NTMB and the pickups are Bart B-Axis, I have the original pickups and will include them as well.

    The bass is a factory second for a few reasons. One, the finish has a little bit of irregularity on the bass side near the belly cut, tried to photograph, wouldn't show up. The neck also has a little bit of a rough spot around the 4th or 5th fret on the back where the finish was applied. This is something a luthier could easily remedy, just never bothered me enough to do so. Finally, the pickup cavities are cut a little irregularly, very hard to see from a distance and the black shielding paint makes it almost imperceptible, but I did my best to photograph. The back of the headstock is also stamped with an S.

    Now the good. Despite some imperfections this bass is a beast tonally. It has all the mojo of a 70's jazz (which it's modeled after) and has an absolutely massive sound. I also can't stress enough how full and powerful the b-axis pickups make this bass sound. So with everything in mind, I've decided to price this at $1000 shipped, considering the sell for 2000 new. I'd also be willing to consider a lower price if you would prefer just the original pickups. Also the finger ramp is included.

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    What are you looking for in the "or trade" dept.?
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    Those minor imperfections wouldn’t bother me. No, I must not. My course is thinning the herd. Must stay the course, otherwise I’d be a taker right now. Good luck, it won’t be hard to sell at this discount.
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    Sorry that was a mistake, this is for sale only for the time being.
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    pm sent