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  1. well i have to sell my atk if im gonna get my kubicki so....

    i have a korean made ibanez atk300...bastard i bought it off scratched off the decals %^&(#^%$#@^%$$(....but yeah....its in good condition, few nicks and scratches, one of the strap buttons are loose and the volume pot is a bit scratchy...

    22fret maple fingerboard, 3pc maple neck, chrome hardware, 3 coil active pickup, 3 way switch which lets you get an p-bass, j-bass or stingray sound easily, 3band eq.....

    just ask me for pics...they're too big to post on here lol.

    im asking $900 aus.

    chhers heath
  2. Scott D

    Scott D

    Apr 21, 2003
    Minneapolis, MN
    You Aussie TB'ers better hop on this! These things are amazing!
  3. i forgot to mention that i will ship over seas and it will be shipped in a peavey road case and i will re string it before i send it....

    cheers heath