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Ibanez Axstar ???

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Wallygator, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. Ok I have read all the threads on this bass. I am looking to possibly purchase this exact bass and was wondering if anyone can identify the model year or any other information that might be helpful.

    this is what I know so far..It's made in Japan, does not require special strings, truss rod is accessed at the bridge.

    I am awaiting a reply on whether or not its an active or passive model,

    I noticed at the top of the bass, it has 2 "allen key screws" that seem to lock down the strings. Is it missing 2 of them? or is that normal? I havent been able to see any images online that look exactly the same?

    I would love any input or advice on what to look for if I go check it out.

    Cheers! axstar2-1.
  2. I own a black version of that. It's likely an '85, passive electronics with Ibanez Lo-Z humbucking pickups (unless aftermarket customized). The 2 Allen screws at the top rest on pressure plates that hold down 2 strings each. Later models had an top-loaded Allen screw for each string. A shame Ibanez discontinued them but it was a market driven decision, I suppose.

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