Ibanez Bass Part Needed

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by tcylinder, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. tcylinder


    Dec 6, 2012
    Hi Justin,

    I'm a new member and am hoping you might be able to help me find a part I need for an Ibanez bass.

    I need a new truss rod nut as my current one is stripped.

    The Bass model is: SR305DX

    It's a 5 string.

    If you know of any stores or sites that may have Ibanez parts, I'd appreciate any information you can share.


  2. Contact Ibanez.
  3. purfektstranger


    Apr 10, 2003
    If it's too expensive you may be better off just buying a used sr 305. They typically sell for between 100 and 200 dollars. Take off the neck and sell the body....
  4. Kmonk


    Oct 18, 2012
    South Shore, Massachusetts
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  5. Labi


    Jun 14, 2006
    Are you serious!? All he needs is a trus rod nut and you suggest he buys another bass? Even if he removes the neck and sells the body, what kind of a solution is that? A nut should cost next to nothing. It's probably hard to find but worth a try.
  6. januchito


    Aug 15, 2009
    Santiago, Chile
    feel pais, but is true.

    In some cases, the truss road nut es part of all truss road. AL most cannot change only the nut. Ypu need replace all truss road. you have three opcion

    a) Some luthier, pierces the base of the neck with a drill and remove the truss road, and install a new cap drilling with a piece of wood. It's expensive and if it is not well done, the visual result is not good. Only recommended for high-cost bass.

    b) Find and buy a new neck. Maybe you can find in ebay.

    c) If the neck is more expensive... buy a new bass... (and the bad instrument, sell for parts)
  7. purfektstranger


    Apr 10, 2003
    Labi....yeah actually I am dead serious. Ibanez doesn't even list a truss rod nut for that model. Needle....meet haystack.
  8. Randyt

    Randyt RAAPT Custom Wood Productions

    Jul 21, 2010
    Barrie, Canada
    This is the very reason I sold my ibanez 6xer...I broke a saddle...it took almost 5 months to get to me...brutal...I went on every web site imagineable...ibanezfreaks.com etc... comes to mind...there might be something there for you.

    gettting parts is a reall nightmare...your experience might vary...but I will never purchase another ibanez instrument!