IBANEZ BTB 5 String in hard case, PERFECT

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  1. Elliot


    Jul 29, 2004
    I am reluctantly selling my bass as i have been DJ'ing for a year and I no longer get the time to practise.

    It is an ibanez BTB 5 String (the old style, which in my opinion is better looking than the new one) and is in immaculate condition, I need to make a quick sale, as i am going to university, so I will consider ANY OFFERS!

    This is a wicked bass in a blue velvet style finish type thing (it looks the dogs)

    I can e-mail a picture of it it required however if you type in BTB on google image search there are lots of pictures.

    E mail:gringotengo@hotmail.com
    or call me: 07870629733
  2. I got an mk 1200 I could trade you. About 7 months old with no club use, I'd even throw in the ortofon cartridge.
  3. my bad, I had been up for a whie... its a technics sl1210 m3d.