Ibanez BTB 5-string

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  1. I am looking to sell my Ibanez BTB505 Transparent Black bass to whomever wants it. It is an awsome bass I'd hate to part with but I'm in a not-so-good financial situation and every bit will help. I am looking to get somewhere around $550 to $650 seeing as this bass is in great condition and has no scratches or dings. Ibanez no longer produces a five string BTB in this color. If you're looking at this you probably know what a tone monster this bass is. It has an 18V 3-band active EQ w/ sweepable mids which gives you endless tone possibilities. Contact me @ SlipKn0T180@cs.com if you want pictures or have questions. Heck, I'll even string the bass up w/ strings of the buyer's choice. BTW-shipping will be between $25 and $35 depending on your location.
    Thanks for looking,
    -Chris G
  2. studg10


    Dec 4, 2001
    can you send me a pic at studg10@hotmail.com