IBANEZ BTB Series Confusion!!??

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  1. I am very confused about the Ibanez BTB series. I played an Ibanez BTB1005 and loved it. There web page also shows a BTB500 (4-string) and BTB505 (5-string). These don't have all the fancy wood that the BTB1005 series has. I'm trying to find a BTB505 that I can play because if it sounds as goods as the 1005 I will buy it. However, I am now seeing on Musiciansfriend.com and other places a BTB400, BTB510, BTB405, and BTB515.

    Has anyone played any of these basses? What is the difference between the various models? I can't seem to find any in the Dallas area? Are they new? HELP!!!!!!!!
  2. metalloid

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    Feb 2, 2001
    All I can say is that I played the BTB1005 at Guitar Center. I was extremely pleased.

    I decided to go with a 7 string for $200 less, but I would have definetly bought the BTB1005.

    In my past experience with ibanez (6 string, electric) guitars, the prestige series makes a world of difference.

    You should definetly check one out before you buy it, personally I think the lower ibanez models feel like plastic toys.

    Good luck

    Just my $0.02