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Ibanez Btb to fit a SKB-44

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Scorn, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. Hey guys

    I am proud owner of a Ibanez BTB 675 bass and want a decent Case for it...

    I quite like the SKB-44 Bass fitted case.

    However it is designed to fit a Fender P-bass or Jazz Bass. Length isn't a problem but i think the shape of the body might limit my case options. I don't really like the stock Ibanez case and im sure there are plenty of other BTB owners in this same boat.

    Will the btb squeeze into the formfit fender mould?
    What are other people using?
    Should i be looking at a different case?

    Thanks for your knowledge people
  2. thebass905


    Jun 7, 2011
    I have a SoundGear model which is significantly less radically shaped than a BTB, and that doesnt even fit! My Stingray fits fine, but my Ric doesnt. It really is for the specific body shape/ style. There are plenty of universal cases online at musicians friend or GC..... The protection isn't quite as good as the hard case directly from Ibanez, but they'll get the job done for much cheaper! I just bought a standard Musicians Gear hard case for the SR.... It's kin of crappy, but should get the job done without too much abuse.
  3. Yes but...

    I figure that you spend all your money on a bass that you love, there should be more options to protect it. And Musicians friend and GC are great however im in Australia and the postage is 3x the price of the case...

    I am still curious if anyone has tried to fit the BTB into a fitted Fender case?

    I shot off an email to a music shop near me (sydney Australia), however they couldn't really tell me.

    Thanks in advance people
  4. JehuJava

    JehuJava Bass Frequency Technician

    Oct 15, 2002
    Oakland, CA
    Why are you set on a case not made for your bass?
  5. It's not even that good of a case. Mine arrived looking like a pack of confetti.
  6. JehuJava

    JehuJava Bass Frequency Technician

    Oct 15, 2002
    Oakland, CA
    So save for an anvil or calzone with custom cut foam. Maybe a pelican case and cut the foam yourself. Or just get the ibanez btb case.

    Post above me is right. The SKB isn't super great. Plus your bass doesn't fit the fender shape. Look up the measurement of the basses online.
  7. From everything i have read, the btb will squeeze into the case, was wondering if anyone had done it and can confirm this? And it might not be designed for the btb but if the shoe fits...

    I will be having my local music store order one in for me to test out...

    If i have my local music shop order it in and it arrives looking dodgy then i wont buy it, or get an discount.

    I looked into these a bit but my biggest problem is location. Australia is far enough away that i have to pay double to have anything shipped out here. So although they look great, im not spending $700 - $800 for something to protect my $1K bass. And the Ibanez BTB case is non existant? or discontinued? cannot find it anywhere. Except for the atk-1000C, recommended throught the ibanez website, but its very stock, and not designed well. I want something fitted around the BTB case.

    My options are really limited by location. But i ask the question 1 more time to see if any BTB owners are out there and have tried the SKB-44 case? or any other mass produced case that works for the BTB line?

    I appreciate your suggestions people, but out of what i have found on the market, i feel the SKB-44 will be the best solution for about the $200 price tag, if it fits the BTB series.
  8. I have an SKB case for my Stingray, and a 5 string Ibanez BTB (not sure on the model, think it's a custom finish 445QM.

    Two seconds and I'll check
  9. I have no way of confirming it is an SKB-44 because it came with the Musicman who I bought from our past producer.

    I was about to tell you it fit when I decided to try closing it. It would not close fully, and when I dropped the lid from fully open, there was an audible clang of strings.

    It also fit weird in the body slot.

    I have a feeling squeezing it in there could cause neck issues or something.

    If you had it, maybe you could work with it. I would not spend more than twenty bucks on something with that kind of fit. Probably wouldn't buy it at all.

    I was worried about the 35" scale, but it fit lengthwise.

    Fun fact: those battle scars between the pickups are from my fingers. I play aggressive finger style with long nails. I'm much more careful with the Ray.

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  10. Ahhh thats exactly what i was looking for! Thanks heaps for taking the time to try this and posting a pic...

    Its not the skb-44 but it has the same internal shape as it

    I had a feeling it would squeeze into the body slot, but i never thought about depth issues. Shame really, i liked the idea of a snug fit for the body, but if its doesn't fit depth wise then there isn't much i can do.

    Thanks again for your help!
  11. Might check out this case instead... Gator GPE-TSA-BASS


    Wide open universal internals, with same high quality locks. Will hopefully be a winner

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