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  1. Well a while ago I bought this Ibanez BTB400QM. I've used it at most 12 times since I bought it last year. I have three other basses to use. I just dont like the sound of it, especially for how much I bought it for. I even tried new strings. But I know there are some hardcore Ibanez fans out there. It's transparent red and has a Ibanez wooden case. I'm a big fan of those nice wooden cases. I have the Dunlop Strap loks on there too. I'm starting with $600.00 for the bass and the case. Shipping is extra. This is my first time selling on talk bass, please on serius deals. I have other things i could let go of if this works out well. I know I can trust you guys.
  2. I should've added Or Best Offer.
  3. Stephen Soto

    Stephen Soto

    Oct 12, 2003
    Dude, you can get this bass online for $590 new, shipped...
  4. Yeah but i had a good case. Well I never sold anything before really. I wanted to get back some of what I paid for it so hows $500 which includes the case.
  5. Ok well I'm willing to go further down on the price. If your interested in this bass send me an email with an offer. Oh yeah I will have pics up ASAP. I'm willing to trade. Im looking for a 4 string with P and J pups.
  6. Ok im getting sick of looking at this thing. Im pricing it to get it the heck out of my house. $350.00 includes shipping. Email me for questions. Ive decided to fix up my jazz which i have fallen in love with. I built it from spare Fender Jazz Bass parts I found, and it sounds so good. Just going to upgrade the bridge and pickups