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Ibanez BTB

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by olps, Jan 2, 2002.

  1. olps


    Nov 12, 2001
    I'm thinking of getting an Ibanez BTB 5 string(BTB515). Roughly, how much are these Canadian$? Thanks.
  2. no clue...........


    but good bass!!!!!!!
  3. deeerrrr..again I'm not sure but its a great bass...I was deciding between the BTB510 and the 405...went with the 405. The 515 should be awesome..great line of basses for the money whatever that might be. I got mine for $550 USD out the door
  4. icks


    Jul 12, 2001
    Charleroi, Belgium
    I got the 405 Qm it's a great bass with a nice little reverb sound that i like ...

    Very cheap i say i had mine for 23 000 BEF so about 820 CAD so ... enjoy the bass if you have the buck ...
  5. A Rock

    A Rock

    Mar 18, 2001
    New Haven, CT
    the BTB515 is probably around 1000 bux.

    hey icks...we have the same birthday!!
  6. A Rock

    A Rock

    Mar 18, 2001
    New Haven, CT

    click here for a US price
  7. Aren't you lucky? I just played one today and $820 is too much. Unless you're including tax. Do you live near Ottawa, Montreal, or Toronto? Because if you do, Steve's sells them for $700. $75 a month financed. I recommend them highly. Awesome customer service! Give them a try.
  8. icks


    Jul 12, 2001
    Charleroi, Belgium
    I paid 820 CAD taxes included ... with the usual gift jack picks bag ..

    Other music store sell it at 885 CAD with no other gifts, just the bass in a paper box ...

  9. Wow, 23000 bef .. I got mine for 27000 bef ..

    Anyway, the BTB 405 qm is a very good bass ...

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