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Ibanez BTB

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by JVA, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. JVA


    Jan 8, 2006
    Queens, New York
    I just bought a used Ibanez BTB455 off e-Bay and have a few questions. Could someone explain the functions of the 4 knobs and the single double-pot knob?

    I replaced the batteries and was surprised to find only 1 wire attached to one of the battery terminals. I didn't see any evidence of a separated wire or a stray wire in the cavity. How does this work? The Bass plays like a monster.... incredible tone, great harmonics, and perfect for slap. Just don't understand the single wire....

    Can the hardware be polished? It's tarnished and looks like I can buff it out with some rouge... but will it happen again? I've heard this is a common problem with Ibanez's hardware.

    I paid just under $300 shipped to my door in a hard shell case. Bass is in excellent condition, just all the hardware looks like Hell... Good price? It's a black flame Maple.

    As always, thanks in advance!

    *I tried to download this information from Ibanez, but my laptop gagged and wouldn't open the PDF files....
  2. First off, it should have 2 9 volt batteries in the battery compartment. The controls are volume, bass, treble and the concentric knob is a sweepable mid. You can dial almost any tone you'd like with the control config that you got going on with that bass. I'm not sure about the hardware, mine is almost 10 yrs old and the hardware was dull to begin with.
  3. There's a pickup-selector knob in there as well - love my old 405.
  4. JVA


    Jan 8, 2006
    Queens, New York
    I had posted I changed the batteries, plural,and that 1 of them had 1 wire on it's plug: an incomplete circuit. I know the guitar has 18v electronics, it's just the single wire thing....

    As for the explanation,thank you, but if I knew which knob was for the Bass, Treble, etc. it would help more.

    As for the guitar itself, it's been re-stringed since last night and I've played it about 3 hours already.... Nice.
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