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Ibanez BTB300 BGWNF

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Vosk, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. http://namm.harmony-central.com/WNAMM03/Content/Ibanez/PR/BTB300.html

    I know this bass has been replaced I think, by a black model with humbuckers.

    My question is, if I can't ever find this bass again, what would get a similar sound?

    Model BTB300 Specs:

    * List: $649.99
    * Available Finish: WNF (Walnut Flat)
    * Body Material: Mahogany Body with Bubinga Top
    * Neck Material: 5 pc Maple/Walnut
    * Neck Scale: 34"
    * No. Frets/Type: 23/Medium
    * Fingerboard: Rosewood
    * Inlay: Pearl Dot
    * Bridge: Mono-Rail II
    * H/W Color: Satin Nickel
    * Neck Pickup: SPJ-4N Stacked J Passive
    * Bridge Pickup: SPJ-4B Stacked J Passive
    * EQ: EQB-IIB 2-Band
    * Controls: Two volume and 2-band EQ
    * Other Special Features: Neutrik Locking Jack
    * Case: ATK1000C
    * Case List: $149.99

    I really liked the sound of this bass. :(
  2. I think ZZounds may still offer this bass, not too sure though. You are right, this model was replaced with a 34" scale with dual humbucking pickups.

  3. Yeah, I own the dual soapbar BTB400, and I love it. As far as that, I'm sure you could find a similar sound, but I'd recommend you get that or the new version where you can. They're inexpensive, lightweight compared to a lot of basses (I'd say around 8.5-9.5). They sound great and they're comfortable. If you get a chance get one.
  4. I found a place that says that it is a few months until replacement.

    I might get this!
  5. i liked it. i'd get it if you're in the market for it. i don't think any current BTBs will sound like it. make sure you get a good deal on it, since it's discontinued. in fact, if you can wait a while, you might find it on clearance.