SOLD Ibanez BTB33 "Volo" $650.00

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    This bass is basically mint. I am a player- and have enjoyed playing this instrument on several gigs. Will be shipped in the original box. No case. $650 plus shipping but I'm willing to negotiate based on location. I will not ship outside of the U.S.

    I purchased this bass new in July. Wanted to try a 33" scale bass with an E-C tuning as my work required both bass duties and soloing. This is a fantastic bass- In fact I really like the scale and setup so much that I have ordered a custom Fbass BN6 in a 33" scale and same string spacing. My custom build is due in December- so I would like to find a new home for this instrument.

    The neck is well made, flame on parts of the neck, stable- meaning no movement at all!, fret work is equal to that of basses twice the price. I have DR HiBeams 105 at the E string- very resonant and the EQ is powerful. My only disclaimer is: It was sold as a factory second from the Ibanez dealer- but I have not found anything- NOTHING- that indicates why it is a second. This bass sells new for $999.99. $650 is an affordable way to get into an instrument of this quality.

    I would consider a trade for a fender Road worn Pbass or possibly Classic series Laquer finish. Or an AVRI Pbass plus cash your way.

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