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Ibanez BTB400 or Schecter Siletto Custom 4?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Casey C., Mar 11, 2003.

Which bass?

Poll closed Aug 8, 2003.
  1. Ibanez BTB400

    24 vote(s)
  2. Schecter Siletto Custom 4

    19 vote(s)
  1. Casey C.

    Casey C.

    Sep 16, 2000
    Butler, PA, USA
    I'm in the market for a new 4 string and I'm not looking to spend much more than $500. Anyone have anything negative about these basses? and thing positive?
  2. rockbassist1087

    rockbassist1087 Guest

    Nov 29, 2002
    Long Island, NY
    Both are nice basses, but personally I would go for the Schecter. I played the custom 4 at a Guitar Center near my house and WOW are these things nice. IMO, they compare to basses like itself that are in the $1000 range. For $500 dollars this bass is a steal. I was never very big on this company, but I really enjoyed this instrument. It has EMG-Hz pickups. Not the best, but they sound pretty good. The natural flame maple top is also nice and is kind of a rare feature on basses this price. The slap tone was awesome. Playibility was also really nice. It has a fast neck, but the neck wasn't too skinny like some ibanez basses. It was a pretty light weight guitar too. IMO, I'd go for the schecter. It's an awesome deal at an aweosme price.
  3. Casey C.

    Casey C.

    Sep 16, 2000
    Butler, PA, USA
    For some reason, when I played the schecter it felt like it was me. It was weird cause it didn't feel like any other. I like the schecter at the moment. I posted this though to see if I could get some feed back on it.

    BTW, Musicians freind has satin black. Must be left over from last year.

    Satin finish: :)
  4. bassackwards

    bassackwards Member

    Dec 16, 2002
    I played one of those neckthrough Stillettos with the tranparent red finish and the bridge that looks like a gold version of the BTB's Monorail and I thought it was one of the worst basses I've played in quite a while. Pure poo. That may not be the one you're talking about though. I like BTBs so, I may be prejudiced. The important thing is to decide which neck you like best because they're way different. Spend some time playing up and down the neck in every position and pay close attention to how hard or easy it is to play certain things. Also, don't forget to play it standing up with a strap. Some basses take on a different feel when playing standing up.
  5. SlavaF


    Jul 31, 2002
    Edmonton AB
    I have the BTB405, it's a kick ass bass. I'm guessing that the 4 string version would be as good. You should try both if you can.
  6. Casey C.

    Casey C.

    Sep 16, 2000
    Butler, PA, USA
    the poll is tied :(

  7. kirbywrx

    kirbywrx formerly James Hetfield

    Jul 27, 2000
    Melbourne, Australia.
    A ruby Red Schecter would tickle alot more than my fancy, anyday.

    Go the Schecter man. ;)
  8. I never played the Schecter you're talking about, but, I have a Schecter PT Elite guitar. I paid $419 at Musiciansfriend and the quality really impressed me for that price. I'd imagine that most of their stuff is pretty good.

    I have played almost every model of BTB and they ALL SOUND/FEEL GREAT! The necks are a bit wide for some people's taste and they're all 35" scale. (except the brand new model)

    Play before you buy if possible.

    I voted BTB.

    Good luck.

  9. Casey C.

    Casey C.

    Sep 16, 2000
    Butler, PA, USA
  10. SlavaF


    Jul 31, 2002
    Edmonton AB

    Yeah... the 23.5 frets have been an annoyance to me a bit, but nothing major... you probably won't be playing a E on the 24th fret of the E string...:D

    They should have had 24 frets on the A, D and G. Maybe they're trying to save money on frets:D
  11. GRRRR! Why you, you! :D

    It could also be for a different (cool:cool: ) look.

    Who knows?


    Good one, Casey.:)
  12. rojo412

    rojo412 Walnut is fun! Supporting Member

    Feb 26, 2000
    Cleveland, OH.
    Are 10 of you on crack?!?!

    The Schecter is made better, it sounds better, has better components. The Stiletto custom (bolt on, 6bolts, satin gold HW, EMG-HZ pus and a preamp, maple top over mahog, satin oil finish, correct?) didn't just sound like the best schecter I ever played (and I almost got a Stiletto Elite as a backup for my MODULUS), it sounded better than any bass they had in there! It was also $449! That's insane!

    The BTB is all well and good in theory, but I played with at least 6 of them when I saw them and not 1 ever blew me away. Hell, my Warwick doesn't have a sound I like as much as the Schecter!

    And an inside note: The schecters can be haggled down pricewise farther than the Ibanez... though when you play the schecter, you'll forget to haggle.
  13. TxBass


    Jul 3, 2002
    Frisco, Texas
    I've played lot's of Ibanez's and have owned a Schecter for 4 months now. Schecter for me--overall quality better, solid, great finish, great tone, good choice. Great value too.
  14. Noobai


    Aug 25, 2002
    Stanford, CA
    schecter tone blows, btb's have the most versatile tone of almost any bass out there. i can get everything except a mm tone, but i come DAMN close with my btb 405
  15. Scott D

    Scott D

    Apr 21, 2003
    Minneapolis, MN
    btb's sound like poo. get the schecter w/ the wierd top and HZ's. It sounds sweet.
  16. sigterm

    sigterm Supporting Member

    Feb 5, 2003
    Atlanta G of A
    btb = built to bodybuildwith

    the stilletos arent too bad either. they dont do much for me but id prefer that to a btb.
  17. McHack


    Jul 29, 2003
    Central Ohio!
    Even tho I'm considering buying an Ibanez now,,, I gotta tell ya... several years ago, I bought an Ibanez bass & the neck warped on me within a year.

    I've tended to view them skeptically ever since. I've goofed around w/ schecter's a bit, & liked them... If it were a BTB515, I'd say Ibanez... but in this compare,, I say Schecter.
  18. RicPlaya


    Apr 22, 2003
    Whitmoretucky MI
    something about the Ibenez I don't like, they feel cheap to me and sound tinny, go with the Shecter.
  19. Victor Wooten98

    Victor Wooten98 Guest

    Jul 31, 2003
    South of Heaven...
    Ibanez and Shecter both make grat basses, but I like the BTB's personally, They have a great sound and you can easily move up and down the fretboard fast, plus they have a good eq built in to adjust 'un-professional' sound like my friend experianced when he was playing live at a school Battle of The Bands. They are great for Prog Metal. Soo...

    Awesome sound
    fast neck
    good eq

    Shecter crap...
    (my personal opinion)