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Ibanez BTB405QM, SR705 or Yamaha RBX775

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by TVBBass, May 30, 2003.

  1. I'm looking at getting a 5 string bass but...
    I've been look at various things on the web and boy am I glad I found this. A BASS FORUM!!!!!

    Anyway...I'm trying to decide between:-
    Ibanez BTB405QM
    Ibanez SR705
    Yamaha RBX775

    I have a GSR200 and I like the feel of Ibanez so I was looking at the BTB405QM but then found out about the big chunck neck!
    So I thought about the SR 705 but it's £100 extra which I don't have!!!
    Then I heard about the Yamaha RBX775 I must admit I've never really looked at Yamaha basses before so I would appreciate any feedbaca on any of the above models or other 5 strings in the same price range. Just so you know I will be using the bass for allsorts of styles from Metal to Jazz funk(mainly) but any thing that takes my fancy really!

    Thanks Simeon
  2. I have a BTB405QM and like most everything about it. It's my first five string so I, too, was a little concerned about the size of the neck. My hands are not large, very average, perhaps slightly on the small size of average. The BTB's neck has not posed any problem for me and actually feels quite natural. You'll have to try one to see for yourself. Some people like really light weight instruments, so if you're like them, you may prefer the SR's. As for me, I like the weight of the BTB. I feel like I really have my hands around something.