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Ibanez BTB405QM

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Casey C., Jul 28, 2001.

  1. Casey C.

    Casey C.

    Sep 16, 2000
    Butler, PA, USA
    yes yes, i know i haven't been around here for awhile (not too many of you will remember me) but ive been wanting a new bass for awhile. i probably won't be able to buy one til this december or so because i need to have a band before i can buy any more bass equipment (a deal between me and my parents). so im always looking around...

    any ways, does anyone own or everyed played a ibanez BTB405QM? is it worth the $600? im looking for a bass in that price range that sounds good, has a 35 inch scale, looks good, and most importantly, feels good. i have a Carvin LB-75 (mid 90's) and im not too satisfied with it, but also im not too disapointed with it...
  2. the BTB405 is indeed a nice instrument.. very versatile EQ with superb mids and nice lows.

    But perhaps you might also want to take a look at the Spector NS200Q5, which is about $ 570 and looks + sounds very nice too :)
  3. embellisher

    embellisher Holy Ghost filled Bass Player Supporting Member

    Based on having played both instruments extensively, I would recommend the BTB405 over the Spector NS2000/5.

    The only 5 under $1000 that is in the same class as the BTB IMHO is the MTD Kingston.

    Both basses have a very tight B string, good sound, and are very well made.

    The Kingston has a slight edge in construction and upgradeability, but the Ibanez has a big edge in versatility with the stock electronics.
  4. BTB's rule, period. The 2000Q5 isn't bad, but it's not indicative of Spector as a whole. Even the 2000/5 isn't amazing. The best Spectors are the CR series and above, I'm afraid, like the best Warwicks start at the Corvette level. The BTB is uncannily good for under the 1000 and I really like it for wood choices, looks and versatility. Go for it, the $600 is a steal.
  5. Sofa King

    Sofa King

    Aug 20, 2000
    Rowlett, TX
    I have a BTB405 and I love it. Besides having ****ty strings (which I need to replace very soon ;)), it's very good. It has a good feel (I like the wide neck), and it looks awesome, that's my favorite Ibanez body shape. Try finding one used, I found mine on Bass Northwest for $399. Try one out, I doubt you'd be dissapointed.
  6. Casey C.

    Casey C.

    Sep 16, 2000
    Butler, PA, USA
    yea thats another bass i was looking into, the MTD kingston, being that bass is only passive does it still kick ass? im not too nuts for that passive sound but the way some people praise it, i seems that it may not make a difference.

    also-PANTERA ROCKS! im a big fan of them...
  7. Casey C.

    Casey C.

    Sep 16, 2000
    Butler, PA, USA
    if it helps im going to be playing in a original rock band. me and some of my buddies are planning on starting a rock band. they're gonna come out to my house and jam to some skynyrd, guns and roses, ac/dc, metallica, stuff like. that tidbit was to tell you's what im looking to play.
  8. David-Adler


    Feb 28, 2001
    Bonn, Germany

    even as Pantera, AC/DC and Metallica donĀ“t sound like Classic Rock to me...

    go with the BTB. I believe that you will play in some other bands in your live, and a versatile bass is always great..

  9. I played one recently, and was pretty impressed. Good price for a good playing bass. It didn't seem to heavey either. In my opinion the BTB would be a good choice.

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