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Ibanez BTB555MP.. low output?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Magneto, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. Hi people.. I am seriously considering ordering a BTB555.. Didn't get the chance to try one, but tried a 455 QM at GC the other day.. Pretty much the same bass, but basswood body instead of the NF maple/mahogany/walnut/maple..
    Seems like the perfect 5 string for me, and I simply loved the tones, especially being able to dial the vari-mid to low mids and boost those frequencies without touching the bass.
    I tried it on a smaller Ampeg combo amp at low volumes. The sound I got out of it was amazing! But.. seemed like the batts might have been dying because output kept dropping as I played.

    Ok.. on to my point.. I was doing some research here and ran across a few posts about low ouput on these models. Can anyone confirm this?
    I'm not looking for the hottest output bass made, but I'm already playing on an active with a weaker output, and I don't think I need another one.

    If someone could comment on the output and how it compares to other basses they've tried, this would be most helpful..


  2. Can't comment on this specific model, but be aware that:
    a) batteries die
    b) the one you played may have some issues which are not shared by all (output shouldn't drop while you play!)
    c) at least some Ibby's (such as my ATK's) have an output trimpot on the preamp board which lets you adjust the output-from very low to OTT.

    Good luck with your bass-hunting,
  3. vyse933


    Mar 31, 2006
    Grand Haven, MI
    I have the same bass, and it is a slightly weaker output then most basses. It is really only noticeable however when you are plugged into the same amp with another bass. It's a great bass and the slightly weaker output is in no way is a limit or flaw to the bass. If the output is your only problem with the bass, go ahead and get it, it's a sweet bass.
  4. Kubs


    Jul 26, 2006
    i use to have it, and it plays really weaker than my passive Warwick....also problem with cutting through band
  5. NewGuy


    Jun 4, 2006
    +1 Kubs...
    It has a lower input. It sounds really good at home but it gets lost in the mix when your with a band. It tends to sound muffled (IMO) when you're with the band. It has a great feel to it so if you don't mind upgradin the preamp you might have a good thing.
  6. vyse933


    Mar 31, 2006
    Grand Haven, MI
    I swear the bass has done just fine in a band setting, at least for me. i just have to turn it up more then i did before i had the BTB
  7. Thanks for the replies.. I suppose I'm going to have to take my F204 with me to GC, and try the 455QM side by side with it, even if I have to take my own new batteries for the 455..
    I hated to ask them to check the batteries or replace them, because I didn't have any intention of buying that bass off the rack.
    If the output isn't lower than my bass, I'd be happy. The ESP F-204's output is lower than most basses I've tried, even passive instruments. I don't have a problem with it cutting through any mix.

    The electronics (Bartolini pups/preamp) are one of the biggest reasons I like the BTBs so much.

    NOTE: One thing that I did notice on the 455QM that I tried was the pickup heights. To me, they seemed too far away from the strings on both pups. Anyone of you see this on your BTB? Is so, it could have a big impact on sensitivity... Just a thought.. Geez, I still want this bass..

    Appreciate the opinions..

  8. Hey man. When Ibanez updated the electronics from the 405, to 450. adn 505 to 555 they lowered the output gain to eliminate frying preamps, enabling a little more playing dynamic ( ie slapping) before it hits the amp. I am an Ibanez dealer and was told his by the company. Sweet basses though.
  9. Kubs


    Jul 26, 2006

    Auch, I also was excited with Barts in features of this bass (only pickups/preamp is stock ibanez korean) before i become "learnt"
    Barts on this bass are KOREAN MADE!!!! So its nothing special just name on cover.....

    Preamp is stock korean ibanez....this bass - sorry for this critical opinion - is really bad....try that "mahagony" its like butter, when my luthier saw it he must laugh in disbelieve that this bass can be taken seriously.

    Iam really sorry but this bass dissapointed me in all features (maybe design is pretty nice)

    I know that BTB 555 has here good name but then i must doubt about some talkbassers if they know what good bass is...

    I realize that this is insult but please dont take it so......

    I must add i had BTB 555 for one week, more time i would go insane with this....maybe its because i had also in that time Warwick COrvette which kick out BTB.....

    ANd last add....BTB pick cant play alone they must be turned on both - alone they are unusable
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