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Ibanez BTB605

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by glassmoon, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. Hi all

    I recently acquired an Ibanez Btb605bg, but I can't find any information on this particular bass.
    It's a bolt on, got Bartolini Mkii pickups and the Ibanez 3-band equipment (with the variable, sweepable mids)
    Can anyone help me out with information or a link to information to this bass? Please?
    Many thanks....


  2. tried one out at a store recently, sat down and played it for over an hour infact!
    nice bass loaded with lots of "upmarket" features but the tone was very unique to the btb+mkII combo perhaps the highs sounded "artificially sweetened" to me ears if that makes any sense at all :p
    the top on your bass looks amazing though! congratulations!
    they seem to have revamped the bass again and are now selling it with these specs
  3. Thanks man - I thought as much regarding what the bass looks like in 2013. I'm after a 6 to compliment the 5 - actually looking at selling my '95 TRB6 - which will no doubt have some anti-Ibanez pundits up in arms, but for me the Ibanez, and especially the BTB, sound has always been my sound.

    As for the highs being a little too artificial, I've found that running off the tops a little and accentuating the mids is a win for me. And the BTB - well, the older models with sweepable mids - allowed me to find the "sweet spot" and dial in a nice, warm tone.

    Thanks for your response - greatly appreciate!!!
  4. it's beautiful! a lot like my btb556... except color wise it's a mirror image (mine has dark mahogany core wiht darker thing walnut sandwiches and light blond maple top and back). Mine's also a bolt on - I'm guessing yours is neck through?

    I wish mine had the pickups yours has... my bart mk1s are just a little too dark for the style of music I do. The vari-mid rocks and can do wonders for the tone, but I'm all about super bright basses these days, so mine's up for sale.

    Otherwise in every single way these are freakin amazing basses. yours probably sounds more how I'd like mine to sound based on your description. I like lots of presence and sweet strong highs as the default tone, then I prefer to tone that down with the controls as needed. My btb405 had that sound, my 556 is much less bright and zingy while still having highs for sure.
  5. jg42


    Jul 12, 2012
    Are you sure you're talking about MK1? All the MK1s that I heard (including the ones on my GVB36) have tons of highs - sometimes too much.
  6. yup. on this thing's mahogany core body it is no where near as bright as other BTB models. it's a deep heavy sounding bass. I do'nt know exactly why... I'm not saying it's not bright, but it's no where NEAR as bright and modern sounding as my btb 405 was. this is a much different sounding bass. tons of mids, you can dial in a lot of bass and/or treble thanks to the vari-mid of course.

    the 556 (and 555) are quite different sounding from all other BTB's I've played (405, 600 series at a store, others I've heard online).
  7. jg42


    Jul 12, 2012
    Interesting. I'm debating whether to change MK1 in my GVB36 - they're overly bright to the point of harsh sounding, it's a maple neck and alder body with flame maple top.

    I guess this is that case when we can clearly say that wood tone does matter.
  8. Yea it sure seems that way. I've found that pretty consistently... Heavy dense dark sounding basses sound at least a bit that way with pickups compared to those same pickups in a bright maple bass.