SOLD Ibanez btb675 maple board

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    I bought this bass as an Xmas gift to myself. It sounds great, looks beautiful. I decided to try a bass besides a Lakland and as great as this sounds, it's not for me, so we'll see what happens

    It's a brandy new btb. Set up with low/medium action and DR fat beams. This one has a maple fretboard, 3 band EQ with a toggle to switch between the 250 and 650 MHz bandwidth for mids...which works best when the mids are boosted or dropped. The neck is 35 in scale and 19mm spacing with a very shallow profile, very easy on the left hand. I can weigh it this week

    Trades are mostly Lakland. 55-02s and 55-AJ, along with a DJ5 would be great, I own a 55-60 and a 55-01. Would be open to either of those, but my 55-01 is lomo's blue bass with Nordy fat stacks, so that's a pretty hard one to beat. I may be open to american made peavey 5 strings as I have a usa mill 5. Plus cash where appropriate.

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