Ibanez current SR 1300 and other Premium Indonessian "atlas" fretwork

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    May 30, 2014
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    I just picked up a last years SR1300 used. The stiffness of the neck is nice. The wood choices ring well. The boast of comfortable fretwork does not hold true. I had an 80's $175 Samick that the fret edges could not be felt. These are not nice even though rounded. It's not the tange its the fret.
    I reached out to a bass player that recently did some recording work and my studio, and asked to check out his new "premium" the fret edges where not nice. He said it was the only thing he didnt like about the bass either.

    For over a grand list this should be super sweet. Especially an Indonesian dollar, time should be in abundance. Yet its a partially finished fretwork bass for over a grand.
    Any other new Premium players experiencing this disappointment?
    Any factory reps stepping up to counter the quality control issue and making it right?
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    Feb 11, 2008
    Have a tech clean up the fret work and be happy.:)
  3. While a huge Ibanez fan, I was less than excited with the one I purchased. The woods, and build were top notch ... really a beautiful bass, but the 7th fret around the E string was low, and you could see some tooling marks on either side of the fret. I'm sure it was just an anomaly because Ibanez has an excellent reputation for QC, even with their entry level basses. I sent it back to Sweetwater, and their tech guy didn't catch the problem a second time, and put it back up for sale.
  4. Fret sprout is pretty normal for instruments that travel from one side of the globe to the other. Clean it up once and you’ll probably never have to do it again.
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