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Ibanez ECD700...got it!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Usul, Feb 7, 2001.

  1. First of all,I would like to thank everyone for the kind words and congrats I got for winning the Guitartrader.com Ibanez giveaway!You guys(and gals)are hella kewl!

    The bass came just the other day.Really nice looking but it had no instructions/manual with it.It has four pots.One is volume,one is tone,the other two are the "stacked" type and am assuming they are to control the active/passive pick ups.

    My ear is not the greatest so I am not even sure what to listen for when "adjusting these pots.So far I have just tried to make it sound as close to my other bass as possible.

    A word on Ibanez quality control *sigh*Well right out of the box the volume pot is loose but does`nt (so far)effect the sound.The battery cover and the wiring access cover on the back are made of a cheap feeling plastic.The rest of the bass apears solid and looks nice. I think Ibanez could really make some nice stuff if they just went that extra mile and put more attention to detail.

    And no,I am not griping!!I am really stoked to have gotten this bass for free and am very excited and greatful.The neck is a joy to play and I think she is a sweet looking ax!

    Take care all!
  2. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    Usul- The bit about the battery compartment and control cavity covers seeming like "cheap plastic" is pretty standard in my experience. Even a lot of higher end basses have that. Wood veneer covers matching the finish with brass sleeved screw slots would be nice but would drive up the cost for an area you or others don't look at much.

    As for the 2 mystery pots, I never played an Ibanez. My guess is that one might be a pan pot and the other a pup blend. Someone else will probably know for sure.

    Maybe you could do a TB review when/if you get friendly with it. Glad you like the look and feel. Now that you have it, I have to stop all my jokes about "gay lucite" (luthite).
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Thanks Indie!

    The little diagram really helps but... :(

    I am having a bitch getting this bass to sound like I want it to through my amp(CrateBFX50)!!What to do,what to do.....?*sigh* For awhile it was sounding nice but I`ll be damned if I can find the exact setting again...shoot shoot shoot!!!

    My next bass will be one with "simpler" sound controls!

  5. Well, I feel for you.. But that's probably what one should expect from a little amp? I personally own Ibanez EDB600 - it's also luthite, but has simpler EQ - without parametric mid. My amp at home is not a bass amp at all, so of course it sounds poor at home. But through a 100W amp at rehearsals it sounds just great, and, moreover, I don't really feel a need to involve the EQ at all - the unEQed sound is well balanced and natural.
    Though the sound I want to get out of my bass may be not to everyone's taste: when picked over the bridge pickup, a hard hammer-punch like sound with lots of attack, like in some songs of Stone Temple Pilots and Silverchair.

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