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Ibanez EDA series

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by coolrunner989, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. hey guys,
    I purchased an Ibanez EDA905 a few years ago, just after they blew em out at 300 bucks a piece. I was just getting started into bass and it cought my eye. In the 4 years since I havent seen any on ebay (except this past week for some reason) or in any guitarcenters ect. Well I walk in to GC last week and see a fretless version - even rarer than the regular version. I pick it up and fall in love with it, put it on layaway. I just went back and got it a few days ago and man it is sweet! It cost me 400 but I traded in a bunch of crappy guitar equipment for it so I only paid 50 :D :bassist:

    You know the rules: no pics, no bass...






    Notice that the fretless version is a darker grey color with white lettering while the fretted is lighter grey with dark lettering - kinda cool, I think.

    They are completely different animals in terms of tone - the fretted is this harsh gritty in-your-face kind of tone, whereas the fretless is sooo smooooooth! granted, I've never owned a fretless, But in the two weeks between finding this one and buying it I played evey one I could get my hands on - warwick, ocean, fenders, a few others. The only one that came close to sounding as good as this one was a squire fretless jazz bass - that thing was sweet (but it didnt look as cool :smug: ;) )

    I have the fretted strung up with Elixers (after goign through D'adarrios, DRs, and a few others that were all to harsh with the piezo pup on the bass) and tuned DADGC

    The Fretless is strung normally BEADG, I'm not sure what strings (flats with blue windings).

    I'm tempted to sell my MIM Jazz bass in favor of something more usefull - like an amp or something :D because all the mellower stuff I was planning on using the Jazz for I now can use the EDA905F :D

    feel free to input, discuss, whatever - especially if you have two basses that are identical but one is fretless and one is fretted!

    This disscusion here might be interesting if you want more info on the EDA series.
  2. ibanezcollector

    ibanezcollector Yoyo's Hurt When You Crank It Into Your Face

    Feb 18, 2007
    Cleveland Ohio
    you can find the eda series on ebay all the time just type ibanez ergodyne in the search..

    Now the fretless on the other hand is a rare bird.. :)

    Nice pair.. I used to like them when I seen them but the piezo is just a little shy on the low end for my tastes.
  3. i used to have two 905's, a fretted in red and a grey fretless...they were pretty sweet basses...comfortable as hell, but sounded pretty bad on recordings...if i could've dialed in a better tone, i probably would've at least kept the fretted...i should never be allowed to touch a fretless bass again :D
  4. Looks sweet as hell dude :)

    And i never noticed the lettering thing, thats pretty smart :)

    Im going to have to keep an eye out for a fretless one, well, ive been keeping an eye out for one for about a year, nothing yet tho :(
  5. neptoon - how did you try and record the bass? direct or through an amp?
  6. at the time i was using the DI off of an eden metro...it sounded great live, but really tinny recorded...it was probably just the DI, i don't know, but then again, i'm not a big fan of percy jones' sound, either...the piezos, i've always thought, were just a little harsh...i always wondered if an rmc system would've been a little better, but i probably wouldn't have spent that much money to upgrade a bass that costed me around 400 bucks...maybe an affirma...
  7. I think you're problem could be a few things - the strings you use could amplify the piezo's harshness A WHOLE LOT....elixers are the only roundwounds strings that have worked for me - I record to audacity and it sounds alright.

    DI's are tricky....I like micing cabs better, just to get more control of the tone.
  8. I would love to fire some sadowsky flats onto that fretless . . . i may just do that to my fretted EDA . . .

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