Ibanez EDB600 vs EDC700

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by swapmeet, Dec 30, 2001.

  1. swapmeet


    Jul 18, 2001
    Bothell, WA
    I was just wondering if any of you guys had any comments on these two basses? Good or bad. I'm thinking of upgrading to one soon. I currently have a Yamaha RBX270. Any info would be great. Thanks...
  2. dunno about the EDB.. but the EDC is nice.. i've got the 5-string model.

    I used to say " go for it ", but ever since i got my Yamaha BBG4A II, i'm converted.. :eek:

    go check out the BBG4A II dude, it rocks :)
  3. Hey,

    I own the EDC700 and it is very nice. Personally I would look into Fender,Yamaha,and others before buying though.I think if I could combine the sound of my Fender P and the light weight/comfort of my
    EDC I would have "THE" bass! :)

    Have you looked at the EDA(?) basses?They are really sweet looking IMHO.