Ibanez Ergodyne 685 -4string

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  1. FunkFlo-Mofo


    Jun 22, 2001
    Had it for 2 months. I love it but I don't need it and am replacing it and my other bass. Electronics are great, sound is amazing. Since it's not glossy, the places where you rub on get a little shiny, but if you're picky about that, you're a moron. Oh yeah, there is a little scrape above the neck pickup where your thumbnail rests. Nothin abnormal. I take INSANELY good care of my things and there are NO other scratches of dents or anything. Has new GHS Bass Boomers, battery, etc. Again, a great bass. I will begrudgingly relenquish it for 400$ (or best offer). Keep in mind...list price is over 800$.
  2. hey m8, i would be on the floor beggin for that bass, and i would pay u $400... one problem....

    i live in the UK!!! =¬(

    and chipping prices would probobly be as much as the bass itself! :(
  3. shipping prices, not chipping :)

    oh and mate, if you ever move to england , let me know :)