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Ibanez Ergodyne Finishes

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by EvilBassPlayer, Dec 25, 2001.

  1. Hi everyone (specially Ibanez owners :D )!!

    I have a question for you...

    I've seen the same pic of the EDC705 on every site I look for it...

    [​IMG] (DVF or BP? who knows!)

    On the 1998 Ibanez Catalog, EDC705 is available in BLACK PEARL finish (BP) and now (2001), figures as DEEP VIOLET FLAT (DVF). Im very confused

    Is the DVF the same finish as BP, just changed the name????

    I ask to you, because I've never seen the BP or the DVF before, only this pic... and the colors from the Ibanez site compared with the real instrument sometimes are a little bit "different"...(BTB406QM... cough.. cough...)

  2. it is an 705GP, but the lightnig is deceiving...

    here's a better photo :


    included is a ( very bad ) photo of my EDC705GP

    the photo sucks, but you get an idea of the colour... :)
  3. Thanks for posting, AllodoX!

    The finish of your bass is Grey Pewter (GP), the same as my EDB605.

    Have you seen your EDC on Black Pearl (BP) or Deep Violet Flat (DVF)? The pic attached with my post shows an EDC705 with some kind of black-purple-reflex colour that it's not grey pewter (i see it everyday!).

    Thanks anyway!:D
  4. The DVF you refer too is a color that is slightly darker than the purple in the "confused" smilie that you used in your first post.:D

    Mine is in VK, which is Vampire's Kiss. It's a very cool dark red metallic color. I think is only comes in the DVF, VK, BP and GP. Though DVF is a new one on me.:)

    Rock on

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