ibanez iceman

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  1. Anyone played an iceman bass? i cant find any reviews or how much they cost. ive look at several review sites. any info woul dbe appreciated and thanks for reading.
  2. Clumbsy body and clunky noises, I wouldn't get one I didn't like it when I had the misfortune to try it out.

    (Me bash an Ibanez the world must be coming to an end.)
  3. Deynn

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    Aug 9, 2000
    You can try looking on Ebay. Once in a while, you can find one there....usually for about $300-$350.
    I had one for a while, and although it had a nice neck and was well balanced...I never could get a good tone out of it. So if you do get one, you might want to consider updating the pickups.
  4. thanks guys
    one just showed up in the local newspaper. id never heard of it so i looked around. i kinda like the look. maybe i fhe still has it in a few days ill go try it out,
  5. NioeZero


    Sep 2, 2001
    I've got an Ibanez IC300 Iceman that i paid about 450 with hardshell case. For the money, I'm pretty damned happy with it, but I do wish it were a little more responsive with harmonics. I don't really dig the Vol/Vol/Tone layout, either, so I'm swapping out the PUPs pretty soon, and changing the wiring scheme. They do have nice feeling necks, but needed a little bit of edging done on the frets. They are a bit neck-heavy, and the top horn, where nearly any other bass would have a cutaway, does tend to dig into your ribs while playing sitting down. Do yourself a favor, and look long and hard before you slap down money for an Iceman.

    I was an image obsessed kid when I bought it, but I've since grown to love that ornery, oddball hunk of wood.

    And buy straplocks, for god's sake...