For Sale -Ibanez! Iron Ether Oxide, Subterranea, Xerograph Deluxe, Echo Shifter

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    All pedals are used and have been upkept very well. The Subterranea (V1) had the waveform switches replaced by the owner of Iron Ether Taylor as well as the mod that gets rid of the noise issues the first versions had. All of the pedals have velcro.

    IMG_7258.JPG IMG_7259.JPG Not interested in trades unless it is for a 3 switch Sansamp. Prices include shipping anywhere in the ConUS.

    Iron Ether Xerograph Deluxe V1 Envelope Filter - very powerful envelope filter/low pass filter with expression pedal capabilities. Extremely synthy and smooth. w/Velcro. - SOLD

    Iron Ether Oxide Morphing Gated Fuzz (discontinued) - a cool fuzz pedal that has 2 voicings, a clean blend, a hard gate for added synthy tones, and a crazy modulating fuzz function that is probably my favorite part about it. w/Velcro. $SOLD

    Iron Ether Subterannea Octave Down Synth (discontinued) V1 modded by Taylor himself to get rid of the noise issue the first versions had. - the most complete octave down synth pedal. 3 different synth voicings can be added to both the dry signal and octave signal independent of each other. Also has a filter knob which recreates the classic OC-2 hollowed square wave tone that you can blend in. w/Velcro $SOLD

    Ibanez Echo Shifter Analog Delay with fader- Analog Delay Pedal provides all-analog sound with features that are normally only found on digital pedals. It features a tap tempo footswitch, allowing on-the-fly tempo adjustment. The Echo Shifter also offers an
    infinite variety of sonic possibilities, with features like an oscillation switch, feedback control, modulation, and a depth control that promises miles of creative inspiration.

    Sabine RT-7000 Rack Tuner - $50

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