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  1. This is the group for posting information, asking questions and sharing your photos of Ibanez Musician basses. Feel free to re-post anything you've put in other threads about these great instruments, so we have a single thread to use as a resource and for general enjoyment. 82bass1.jpg

  2. jmlee

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    Jun 16, 2005
    Halifax, Nova Scotia
    image.jpeg Number please!
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  3. Abner


    Jan 2, 2011
    Might as well sign me up.

    1980 MC-924, 1982 MC-940, and a 1980 MC-980.
    MC924_MC940.jpg MC980_01.jpg

    Need a better pic of the 980.

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  4. Numbers. OK, so lets do them in order of arrival..... I don't feel like I should be #1, but I guess I'll take it.

    001 aphekgreg
    002 jmlee
    003 Abner
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  5. I have always loved the Ibanez Musicians. Part of what got me interested was this clip.

    I bought my '81 MC924 in mid '83. Here I am just after buying it, just before I turned 15.

    In late '86 I sold it to my best mate who I was in a band with (where I was playing guitar, so I could buy a Gibson SG), knowing I could borrow it for anything important. That lasted for 4 years, after which I played with him occasionally, but hadn't played it for many years. He rang me about 6 weeks ago to ask if I wanted to buy back 'my' bass. I initially wasn't going to, only because owning this when I was younger permanently damaged my back. I changed my mind and am very glad I did. Possibly the best bass I've ever played. This is the day I bought it back. I noticed the bass has shrunk significantly in the 33 years since I first bought it though.

    My mate had used it as his only bass for the almost 30 years he owned it, playing regularly. He never played anything else that made him want to change.

    I'm not sure it had ever been cleaned.

    Machine heads had worn out (which seems to be common with old Ibbys) and replaced with smaller Gotohs, which weren't quite straight.

    Years of sweat and grime around the end of the neck.

    It needed a full refret and a new output jack, but was otherwise still great. From the minute I played it again I realised this is the sound I've been looking for. I'd often been tempted to buy another one, but hadn't due to the weight and had forgotten how truly great these are.

    After refret and lots of polishing.



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  6. In an attempt to get the Musician sound and feel in a bass that won't kill my back, I picked up this baby. Another Ibanez Musician. '84 MC888.



    Much lighter. 3.6kg compared to 5.1kg for mt MC924.


  7. One thing I've wondered for years, is which of the Musician features were firsts? Had anybody put steel rods in a neck to help eliminate dead spots before these? Quite common on higher end basses these days, but I'm not aware of anybody having done it before. What about the quick release bridge/tailpiece?

    The later MC bridge is interesting. I had wondered how the height adjustment worked with the single screw? Turns out the saddle is a hinge and the screw is to open/close the hinge.
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  8. Nice set there Alex. I'd love to see some more detailed shots of the 980. I've only ever seen one of those in the flesh and that was in the late '80s. I had a quick play, but didn't get to spend much time with it.
  9. Abner


    Jan 2, 2011
    I'll try and get some better pics this summer (didn't realize until later that I had the wrong camera settings while taking pics of the 980).

    Nice job on the rehab, but sorry to hear about your back. It does look a wee bit large on you in that first pic. ;)

    Have you thought about a Lace Alumitone pickup as a replacement for the 888? Haven't tried one myself, but was thinking about dropping one into my 940 for awhile.
  10. P. Aaron

    P. Aaron Gold Supporting Member Supporting Member

    I love this era of Ibanez basses. Even though I have no real need for one. IF one came up for sale and I could, I'd probably buy one.
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  11. You mentioned the Alumitone the other day. What is it you think would work well with those? I'm familiar with them, but don't think I've actually heard one. At the moment I have a Dimarzio Model J in there, as I had it in a parts box. It's sounding good. Not the same as the Super 4, but sounds really good, could work. I'll get to try it with a band tomorrow. After that I'll try a Duncan Antiquity J, as that's the other one I have on hand. Sounding like it won't be too hard to find something that works. Not sure what I'll do to house it. I could stick it in the P5S cover, but don't want to damage the pickups, on the off chance I ever sell it (which is unlikely).

    They seem to be instruments that a lot of guys can't bring themselves to sell, but you do see them around. They were a quite popular bass through the '80s. Most guy site the weight as the only reason they don't still gig with them.
  12. P. Aaron

    P. Aaron Gold Supporting Member Supporting Member

    The weight factor and just (for me) working in a new instrument. I am really in a no GAS stage of playing. It's kinda weird.
  13. Kinda good too, if you're happy. I always want to be a one bass kind of guy. I really like that my mate used this one Musician for almost 30 years. Part of that is his personality and part of it is just that the bass is so good, he never felt he was lacking anything.

    My biggest frustration with most basses is the change in tone across the strings. It don't seem to bother a lot of people at all, but I really notice it. I want a bass to be more like a piano, where the pitch changes, but not the tone. It was interesting getting this one back and realising why I expect basses to be more consistent. The tone changes very little from string to string. Interestingly the MC888 'Bean' is even better in that regard.
  14. Back to where it started in 1979.

    5.jpg 0.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
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  15. 1980

    10.jpg '81 poster.jpg '80 players.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg
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  16. 1981

    13.jpg Page05.JPG
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  17. 1983
    Cover02.jpg Page10.jpg 1983 1.jpg 2.jpg

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  18. 1985 1.jpg 2.jpg
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  19. 1986 Mark Egan model. There is also a picture of Gary Beers of INXS playing a MC888 (with what appears to be EMGs) on a page for the Roadster version RB888. Mark Egan.jpg 17.jpg Japan cat.jpg
  20. Almost missed 1982. '82.jpg 82rsbass2.jpg
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