Ibanez P5210 speaker replacement

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  1. I love my amp but hurt my back in a car accident. Does anyone know what would be the best neodymium speakers to replace the stock ones? I can’t find any info on crossover point or frequency range. The amp is a little over 52 lbs and a weight reduction would really help my back.

    Thank you
  2. howlin


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    Why not just get a cart?
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  3. mmbongo

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    Not sure how much weight you could save there...maybe 5 pounds at the most?

    I'd look at a cart, as already mentioned.

    Or a Fender Rumble 210, 35 pounds.

    Or a lightweight head with a 20 pound 1x12 or 2x10 cabinet...AudioKinesis, Barefaced, RevSound all make them.
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  4. BogeyBass

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    Keep in mind majority of the weight
    Is the cabinet and grill.

    Current factory drivers probably weigh around 7 pounds each.

    Low cost neo driver be around 4 pounds

    So your average cabinet weight will go down from 52/55 pounds to 45/49 pounds. With neo driver. Pretty much nothing. Use Castors


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  5. Cart isn’t practical but fold up hand truck might if neos are only gonna save 5-10 lbs. I don’t want to change amps
  6. abarson


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    Are you sure they aren't neodymium already? Maybe ask Ibanez tech support.
    Good luck with your back. My wife has gotten lots of relief doing hydrotherapy, physical therapy in a pool. It helps the body recover faster when it's not dealing with its own weight.
  7. I am pretty sure they aren’t neo’s I’ve never seen them advertised as such and that would have been a selling point. I love this amp just want lighten the weight
  8. BassmanPaul

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    OP what you are suggesting will typically be a fail and impact the resale value of your stuff.
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  9. I don’t plan on ever selling the amp
  10. abarson


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    The Promethean P410c cabinet has neo speakers, while the P210kc has ceramic. I still recommend contacting Ibanez tech support to find out a) are the current speakers neo or ceramic, and b) if ceramic, what are acceptable neo replacements.
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  11. Jaco who?

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    May 20, 2008
    Isn't the head in those removable? Maybe shop around for a lightweight cab to pair it with.