No longer available Ibanez Portamento SRF700 4 String Fretless

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    For sale is my Ibanez 4 string fretless being sold due to retirement.
    Ibanez Portamento SRF700 4 string with Bartolini Soap Bars and a super special AeroSilk Piezo pickup in the bridge.
    This is description/specs necessary as most of you know this bass or will do the research.
    Beautiful sounding fretless and I've owned Azolas, Emminece EUB's as well as Lakland and Spector fretless basses. This bass tops them all as far as DB and fretless sound. May not get the Jaco tone but close.
    Comes with original Ibanez hard shell case with keys. Never gigged. Smoke free environment. I'm 68 and done..too tired. $650 shipped.

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    Jun 14, 2009
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    Of all my basses (and I'm one shy of too many), this is the most organic sounding and fun to play. At that price it won't last long.
  3. I agree, froghat, I had thought about holding on to it and maybe record but I'm in love with my dogs and they've taken over. Thanks for the quote.
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