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SOLD Ibanez Prestige ATK1205

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by drumrtommy, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. drumrtommy


    Feb 16, 2018
    35F89220-AE18-4375-9CC6-E7CD6A450DD4.jpeg Versatile bass, humbucker jazz pickup in neck position, three position double humbucker in the bridge. Bass is very good condition, minor wear on neck and fretboard from play but no dings. I don’t have a way to weigh this but I am guessing 9-10 pounds.

    22 frets, maple neck, ash body, 1.77 nut width, 12 radius, Bridge Pickups: CAP Double Humbucker. Neck Pickup: CAP Sonic Arch5.

    asking $900 shipped PayPal for TB members, trades I’m looking for are for a Grooveline G105 or an older SR505 with rosewood board plus a small amount of cash and buyer pays shipping

    feel free to contact me or ask questions, thank you!

    A2C7F006-B39A-443C-8CED-BC05CD313DDE.jpeg 047C8D97-8D09-4F32-8782-C9B1B9C4E76D.jpeg DF4ED6DD-5D19-4A3E-BBE5-11B478E4C251.jpeg 63A75B20-5982-430B-B8A3-1660495326B0.jpeg 08148696-0527-4FC5-819C-8F827E8538C2.jpeg BED65743-C48D-41CC-A0C5-BB71DA5F63C7.jpeg

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