Ibanez Prestige BTB1205ENTF

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by gilsey, May 21, 2007.

  1. Anyone used/heard one of these beautiful basses before?
  2. yes! i saw it in a music shop.. its beautiful...shocking me that Ibanez actually makes instruments such as these. Hhehe, no offense to Ibanez fans! But I really really like it. The small, fragile-looking switch made me doubt but still it's a nice bass! Nice bright sound, i love the individual bridges and nice low B. great instrument!
  3. I've played one a couple of years back...

    look spectacular...play great...feel great...and sound wonderful...

    worth the coin, if that's your thing
  4. ehque


    Jan 8, 2006
    i received a 6 string version for free a while back (1206eNTF). Played really well while i still had it, i think my review is still here.
  5. For FREE!! :eek: Geez mate you must be doin somethin right!....Any hints :D

    They pretty versatile?

    I’ve just got a real soft spot for those boutique looking basses, my first love was the Tobias basic 5 but you cant seem to get them over here in Australia :crying:

    I know looks shouldn't really matter but I couldn’t help but be drawn to this particular bass, but since you have to order them in because nobody stocks them I’ve never heard/played or even seen one in real life. And I don’t even know anyone who’s even heard of one before!!
  6. Man, I'm getting excited - BTB1205E talk. :hyper: :bassist:

    I have one of these beauties, and they are fantastic in every aspect. http://ibanez.com/bass/guitar.aspx?m=BTB1205E

    As for tone, they have a pronounced warm tone probably due to the Bartolini pickups and preamp.

    With the neck pickup soloed, you will get a very convincing Pre-CBS P-bass tone.* With the bridge pup soloed you will get a 70s Jazz bass-type sound. When the blend control is dead center, it doesn't sound like a jazz bass, but has its own sound.

    The playability is perfect in my opinion. The neck is wide across the nut, but shallow front-to back, and the neck is shaped so that it's easier to play the upper frets.

    It's ever so slightly on the heavy side, but it balances well - no neckdive. The build quality is top notch!

    I can honestly say that if I could only have one bass, this one would be it.

    I recently took it to a photoshoot, and 2 photographes who also turned out to be bass players asked to check out my BTB when I took it out, and were very impressed. One guy thought it was a Ken Smith at first.

    I could write another 1,000 words on this instrument, but I'll stop here. If you have any questions, just ask away. ;)

    I'd recommend this bass to anyone.

    * The day I bought my BTB, I A/Bed it with a '57 American Vintage P-bass, and the tone was very close. In fact, the BTB was a bit warmer.
  7. atrapp


    Dec 4, 2006
    Portland, OR
    here's mine... I pulled the Bart pre/pups and installed an Audere pre w/Nordi DC's...

    To be honest I don't play it much these days... My Benavente kind of overshadows it.

  8. There it is again! :eek: :hyper:

    Why do you torture me? :D

    That thing is beautiful, atrapp. :cool:

    Mike ;)

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